It's the year of smooth hair and Living Proof Smooth Styling range claims to keep all hair textures just so for 4 days. Of course, we had to try it. Here’s how three very different hair types got on

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Smooth hair is having a serious moment right now, which is why the timing of the new Living Proof Smooth Styling range that combats frizz could not be more perfect. A few of the latest hair trends have meant that our desire for smooth hair has, for now, overtaken our want for the bedhead tousle.

Smooth hair very much plays into the return of the late 90s early Noughties vibe, when Ghd straighteners launched. Just take a look at Martine McCutcheon in her Perfect Moment music video for the ultimate 90s reference for smooth hair.  We have the return of the sharp bob, also known as the box bob as seen on 1960s Twiggy, which requires smooth, straight hair to show off the angular cut. It is the style that Hailey Bieber is currently sporting, and as we know when Mrs Bieber commits to a trend - lest we forget the Hailey Bieber glazed donut nails trend that almost broke the internet - the rest of the world follows.

As Living Proof are always a few steps ahead of knowing what we’re going to want from our hair products before we know ourselves, it is then perhaps unsurprising that they have created an entire range to facilitate our smooth hair needs. And they’re not the only hair brand going all in on smooth, straight hair. Ghd recently launched its biggest innovation, a 2-in-1 wet-to-dry styler that only creates super smooth and straight hair. You can read our Ghd Duet Style review to find out more. 

Living Proof Smooth Styling range: what’s it all about?

The range consists of three new de-frizzing styling products, each designed to go on wet hair and to be activated by drying in. There's a styling spray for fine hair, a styling cream for medium/normal hair medium and a styling serum for coarse hair. There is no silicone in any of the products, which the brand says is what lots of others rely on to artificially coat the hair to make it seem smooth. The downside, they say is that silicone can weigh down hair and coat it with a greasy-feeling film.

To find an alternative, Living Proof teamed up with two US university-based technology companies from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and  Yale. They developed a  unique smoothing technology that smooths and aligns hair fibres and repels humidity. The brand also says this, combined with some other ingredients, helps reduce frizz by 75 per cent and that hair is six times smoother after just one use.  They also claim that if the styling product is combined with the coordinating Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner, £50 for both, the finished result will stay put for 96 hours. That's a whole four days.

Sounds almost too impressive, which is why we wanted to put the new products to the test on three members of our team with very different hair types. They used the shampoo, conditioner, and one of the styling products. Here’s how they got on.

SJ tried Living Proof Smooth Styling Spray, £34 for fine hair

What was it like?
“I have fine hair but there’s quite a bit of it. Texturally it’s like candy floss and loves to puff up at the merest hint of humidity in the air. Because of this, smoothing and de-frizzing hair products have always been a staple in my haircare arsenal.  This is a light spray that you spritz through towel-dried hair, before brushing to evenly disperse and then blow-drying. You  need to blow-dry your hair as the heat activates it and if it was left on your hair to dry naturally it would feel a bit sticky."

SJ's verdict: fine hair frizz-free for 4 days?
"Yes definitely. My hair dries fairly quickly so I wouldn’t say it sped anything up but it definitely created a super smooth finish with minimal effort. Where this product impressed me was with its staying power over several days. I got caught in a rain and snow shower the day after drying my hair, and in normal times this would have resulted in my hair frizzing up - not even the hint of fluff with this on. The brand recommends using the shampoo and conditioner as well as the spray, but if you don’t already own them that will set you back £87. I recommend buying the spray first and seeing how you get on with it and if you feel like your hair needs a bit more de-frizzing power then invest in the shampoo and conditioner.”

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Christina tried Living Proof Smooth Styling Cream, £36 for medium/normal hair

What was it like?
“I’ve never been a ‘styling cream’ kind of girl, as I find they usually weigh my already very long and full hair down; Living Proof Smooth Styling Cream apparently wasn’t going to do this. After washing, I applied a large dollop and combed it through from the roots to the tips. This scared me a little bit as I normally avoid putting any product near my roots for fear that it’s going to make my hair greasy. However, this wasn’t sticky and soaked into my hair easily before blow drying."

Christina's verdict: medium hair frizz-free for 4 days?
"Yes! I haven't had to wash my hair for three days and on day four it still has no frizz.  I usually just run a heat protectant or oil through my hair once it’s been washed and neither of these de-frizz the way this product did. The de-frizzing claims are pretty solid. My  hair kept its shape, hold and style and was silky smooth afterwards and no greasy roots!"

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Jemma tried Living Proof Styling Serum, £31 for thick hair

What was it like?
" Sometimes I feel like my hair dictates my calendar; can I go to the gym? What’s the weather like? Will I have time to restyle? These are all problems I face trying to keep frizz to a minimum. Normally, I would reach for John Frieda’s Frizz Ease Extra Strength Serum when blow-drying and straightening my thick afro-textured hair. As much as I love its affordable price of £7.99, it is quite messy as the consistency is quite fluid and it contains silicones which leave my hands feeling a bit slimy. This, however, is super easy to use, It has a true serum consistency so is easy (and not messy) to apply it to damp hair and brush through. I used about two to three pumps per quarter of my hair which makes it a bit more affordable. The formula just sank right into my hair strands, making it feel insanely soft, but without stickiness. "

Jemma's verdict: thick hair frizz-free for 4 days?
"Yes -  and more!  I unintentionally put the serum through its paces when I got caught in the rain. and the worst kind of rain albeit, the thin drizzly one, the day I had styled my hair. Thankfully the serum held up and it stayed looking frizz-free and feeling smooth for a whole week before wash day."

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Our  final takeaways

Yes there are some great products already on the market that will smooth hair the day you use them (by way of example, read our love letter to L'Oreal  Professionnel Pli ) but what impressed us all here is the way that the Living Proof Smooth Styling products lasted over several days, managing to keep moisture out and hair smooth even in rainy weather.  They may be a little pricier than others, but we found that because they held over several days you used less in the long run. It's a yes from us!

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