Staying out of the sun and leading a saintly lifestyle are all very well, but sometimes you just want to take a few years off, like, now. Here are 5 Botox free ways to do it…

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Until the men and women in white coats roll out an anti-ageing magic bullet or time machine, you could be forgiven for thinking that the only methods to looking less worn out and more youthful involve either dramatic, slow burning lifestyle changes or instant but expensive and possibly painful procedures. While we’re all for a healthy lifestyle  and well thought out treatment , it’s good to know that there are stop gaps between long term pay off and the doctor’s waiting room. Roll up some easy, speedy ways to cheat mother nature's anti-ageing timetable…

Makeup= time travel

When executed in a flattering way that is, otherwise it can add rather than subtract years, which you likely haven’t wanted to do since your days of sneaking into clubs underage. Leave the flat, aggressive contouring where it belongs (the past, the beauty sin bin and more recently, Youtube) and instead pick up a few tips from down to earth makeup artist  Charlotte Cave :

“I notice that a lot of women favour a highlighted eyelid with a darker, shaded socket, however, unfortunately this can make you look over 60 rather than ‘reminiscent’ of the 60s. Exaggerating the eye sockets can sometimes make the eye look more sunken, so to brighten and widen eyes try to stick to matte finishes. Too much shimmer and sparkle can collect in creases and wrinkles, while a wash of matte shadow will soften and subtly define features. They may be expensive, but I love  Sisley Phyto Ombre Eclat eyeshadows , £29, each. The formula is so gentle- it really protects and softens the eyelid, while the pigments are some of the purest I’ve come across. Colour Wise I especially love Sorbet, Mango and Amber on a more mature client.”

Shadow isn’t the only makeup element that you can tweak to turn back time; the key is to emphasise the illusion of fullness in almost every department. Create a defined, youthful brow with a tinted gel ( Benefit Gimme Brow , £18.50, is hard to beat although watch out for an exciting new launch from  Clinique  coming soon…), find the skinniest eyeliner you can find ( Eyeko  have this covered) and dot between lashes for instant volume and swap waxy lipsticks for light, plumping gloss.  L’Oréal Paris Glam Shine Stain Splash , £7.99, is gloss done in a grown up way- think natural looking, even colour and a sheen rather than an artificial, plasticky shine. The price is the only thing that will transport you back to your pocket money days.


Inside and out, but in terms of attaining skin that’s smooth, dewy, bouncy, plump and all of those other delicious anti-ageing adjectives, a softening, skin quenching moisturiser is a must, especially before you start spending big on rare elixirs or trips to a clinic. A hit of moisture will undoubtedly make your skin look both better and younger, and the dullness and fine lines that you noticed prior to a good rub down with a face cream may well recede before your very eyes. Not only will a good moisturiser add a protective shield from the elements, it will also prep skin for makeup, ensuring that your base slinks on seamlessly and doesn’t creep into wrinkles or gather around dry patches.  Elemental Herbology  Cell Plumping Moisturiser SPF 8 especially fits the bill if you feel that your skin is becoming more parched as the years pass, and boasts both an immediate firming effect and antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to battle ageing free radicals throughout the day. If you’d like to give it a try yourself, it’s just one of the gems we’ve handpicked within our  Latest in Beauty Summer It Kit Box, £19 plus P&P.

Oil up

If you’ve not yet invited an a facial oil into your bathroom, it’s time to extend a warm welcome, as the right potion can transform sallow, sluggish skin before your very eyes. If you’re jetlagged, have just had a baby, are going through the menopause or find yourself at  any other exhausting life juncture, it really could make all the difference as to how you feel about your skin, as a nourishing oil goes one step further than a cream to create immediate radiance and a coveted healthy glow. A silky oil will also encourage you to give your skin a good massage, boosting blood flow, which over time will result in a more toned visage, but seeing as we’re focussing on the here and now rewards, you can guarantee that nothing will mimic the effects of a facial (or something more dramatic) faster. Speaking of facials,  Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial , £46, is the perfect product for the job. It fuses a more classic, botanical oil base with potent anti-ageing ingredients (think firming peptides, powerful antioxidants and vitamin A) to create the ultimate ‘see the difference now’ serum.

Cool Off

If the windows to your soul are looking a bit puffy and past it, don’t shelter behind shades or google ‘eye lifts’. There’s another solution, and it’s in the freezer. Or at least it should be. Stock up on Anne Semonin Radiance Eye Express Radiance Ice Cubes, make sure that no one makes a cocktail with them and kick back while they work. Active ingredients such as circulation stimulating gingko biloba, hydrating hyaluronic acid and soothing gourd extract make them far more efficient than your average ice cube or cucumber slice, with the end result being a fresh, taught eye area and dramatically reduced dark circles. Summer is the perfect time to test them, and as such these beauties are stashed away in our  Latest in Beauty Summer IT Kit, £19 plus P&P .

Hit the sack…

Don’t forget to bring reinforcements. Beauty sleep is most definitely not a myth, as most of us who regularly clock in less than we should are well aware, but you can employ a few hitting the hay hacks to maximise the beauty output. Overnight Facial as above will stand you in good stead, but a seemingly indulgent bedroom accessory (not that kind) could very well improve both the quality of your sleep and of your skin. Said sleep sidekick is  Holistic Silk Anti-Ageing Eye Mask , £58. It may have the price tag of a premium night cream, but the fact that it helps to prevent creasing around the eye area, helps skin to retain moisture and skincare products (cotton absorbs your Crème de la Mer) and comfortably blocks out all light, makes it worth it in our (well rested) eyes. Senior features writer  Ayesha  now won’t bed down without hers, such is its power. Maximise your sleep gains with another beauty editor bedfellow, the tried and tested  Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II , from £50. It won’t magic away wrinkles upon waking, but used in terms of crepiness, dryness, skin tone and texture, it’s seriously effective. One is sold every 8 seconds, which says something of the visible difference it makes.

Whether you’re looking for a mighty effective anti-ager, a summer glow or a solution to seasonal frizz, you’ll find it in our  Latest in Beauty Summer IT Kit, £19 plus P&P . All products have been lovingly selected by our editorial team, and have a combined worth of over £85.

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