Here, makeup artist Mary Greenwell and beauty brand founder Tricia Cusden bring you the best anti-ageing makeup tips you'll ever need

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For the younger generation there’s no shortage of information on how best to apply makeup . Indeed, how to use concealer to blot out a blemish or a tutorial on how contouring  can craft wonders for tired, sallow skin are subjects that are but a mouse click or page turn away.

When you’re a little older however, the resources begin to peter out, making it increasingly difficult for older women to know what tips and tricks to turn to when fine lines, wrinkles and age spots start to creep into our complexions.

So, looking to right this wrong we delved into our experts directory to see what brilliant advice the best in the business could recommend when it comes to applying mature makeup.

“There’s no real beauty tips to make women look younger - you are what you are,” says makeup artist  Mary Greenwell . “The best thing to do is just accept yourself but make yourself look the best you can. And, once you’ve found your look - stick to it.”

We couldn’t agree more - here are 5 top tips for looking fabulous and fresh at an older age.

1. Brighten and conceal

“The main questions are usually how to make skin look even and glowy without emphasising lines,” says Tricia Cusden, founder of pro-age beauty brand  Look Fabulous Forever .

Indeed, as the skin ages, common concerns often shift from blemishes and spots to problems such as broken veins, age spots and uneven skin tone - so a good level of coverage is necessary, so long as it’s not too heavy.

“The older you are, the more necessary it is for you to have to wear foundation,” says Mary Greenwell. “However, opt for something like a BB cream or a light tinted moisturiser because you don’t want to look too cakey - anything with a heavy, dense formula will simply sit on top of the skin and in the wrinkles making you look older.”

To help give you some glow along with a fresh face of natural and light-looking makeup we recommend opting for the  Eve Lom Radiance Perfected Tinted Moisturiser SPF15 , £48. Vitamins C and E help to nourish and restore radiance, while the silky formula expertly disguises pigmentation and uneven skin tones.

“You also need a very good concealer,” says Tricia. “As you get older you start to develop noticeable dark bluey pits in the corner of eyes and nose, which can often have a very hollowing effect on the face and eye socket, making the skin appear thin.”

To plump up the volume and re-invigorate a crepey complexion a touch of  NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer , £22, is sure to do the trick. Working to camouflage darkness and blemishes, while also brightening and illuminating, there’s not much this long-lasting concealer can’t cover up.

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2. Beware of blush

Nothing quite signifies healthy, more youthful skin than a flush of colour on the cheeks - which is why blush is an absolute beauty must-have with older skin. Be careful though, as placement is everything. Judge it wrongly and you can quickly go from pretty to pantomime.

“When you’re older don’t wear blush on the apple of your cheeks - it’s too clown-like,” says Mary. “It needs to be subtle and high up. However, be wary not to sculpt your face too much as this can also draw your face in, which is ageing.”

“It’s also better to opt for a blush with a cream formulation,” says Tricia. “Pick a product that has the depth of a powder but goes on as a cream as they stay put better. And, stick to softer, pinker tones, as opposed to orange and brown tints, which have the potential to make you look a little haggard.”

For the perfect pop of gentle colour the  Look Fabulous Forever Blush , £18.50, is just the ticket. Silky, creamy and beautifully blendable, it’s the ideal solution for achieving a pert and peachy glow.

3. Go big on browns

“The key with eye makeup is to keep it soft and defined, but without a harsh end result,” advises Tricia.

“Steer away from bright colours as they’re part of the youth culture and just not appropriate,” says Mary. “Also steer away from black eyeshadows and move into dark browns and taupes, which are much more becoming.”

For a soft-focus glow the  Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Sticks , £20, come in a range of flattering caramels, cream and coffees to suit every skin tone. Created using a unique blend of oils, waxes and film formers, these shadows glide on like a dream, while their water-resistant properties mean they won’t budge for up to eight hours. To finish, give lashes a light coating of  Clinique Lash Power Feathering Mascara , £18, in Dark Chocolate - it lifts and separates lashes like magic while seemingly not weighing them down to deliver a natural yet feminine flutter.

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4. Loud, light lips

When it comes to lip colours keep it light and bright - with dark, vampy colour becoming an absolute no-no.

“Always avoid dark reds and purple colours on the lips as they can make the mouth look smaller - when in fact what you want is to keep your lips looking full and plump,” says Mary. “Ideally try and opt for bright reds, coral and pinks - or anything that complements the complexion in a healthy way.”

For achieving an elegant, lustrous finish there’s nothing better than  Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip , £21, which comes in up to 40 different shades. Nourishing and ever-so-slightly sheer, a quick swipe of these lippies is your one-stop shop to a perfectly pretty pout.

5. Keep brows bright

“Don’t make eyebrows too dark,” says Mary. “This will make the face look too heavy, hooded and tired.”

To keep them light, natural and understated we love the  Blink Brow Pen , £18. Designed with a precise applicator, use this pen to gradually build up an even brow shape to help frame and finish off your look.

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