6 oil-free eyeliners that won’t ruin your lash extensions

Anna Hunter 21 December 2018
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6 oil-free eyeliners that won’t ruin your lash extensions

Chances are if you’ve had  eyelash extensions  applied, you’ll have been warned that oil+eyelash glue = total meltdown. Ditto glitter  and waterproof  formulas. Excluding these three elements can in fact leave you in a bit of an eyeliner wasteland, but fret not - the following will deliver on intensity and definition without risking total destruction of your precious eyelash extensions.

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Zoeva Soft Kohl Eyeliner in Noir, £5.50

For rich, smokey upper and lower lid liner that costs less that six quid, look no further than cult German brand Zoeva. Soft textured yet potent in terms of pigment, it strokes colour on without you having to apply too much pressure (a no-no for lash extension wearers- easy does it). It lasts well and removes in a flash by way of oil-free eye makeup remover and cotton bud.

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Bareminerals Lash Domination Ink Liner, £18

If you prefer a felt-tip approach (doddle), this oil-free liner pen allows you to create both thick and thin flicks and tightlines with minimal exertion of your part. The tapered end is particularly adept when it comes to a delicate, barely there effect, and it won’t dribble across your temple as the day goes on, which should be a given, but still kind of isn’t in the liquid liner market.

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Stila Smudge Pot, £14

Arm yourself with a not too spiky  eyeliner brush  and Bob’s your uncle with this painterly gel based eyeliner. Blend it out for a Kate Moss effect or keep it close to the lashline to big up your extensions- however you style it out, it’s smooth and creamy on application and sticks to whatever brief you give it. In a word: versatile.

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Soap and Glory Supercat Liquid Eyeliner, £6

Pixiwoo  are fans of this firm tipped pen, which given their combined liner skills is praise indeed. The sturdy nib means that straight lines all the more easy to achieve when you’re on the clock (that old ‘coming into work late on account of eyeliner mishap’ excuse will soon become redundant), plus it’s dries fast so you can get on with your life. The finish isn’t the most intense black of the lot- it’s more satin black than sooty, but it looks rather alluring regardless.

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Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner, £7.99

Winged out, stroked on or built-up for rock star kudos, this long-wearing liner is a regular backstage- the clear gel base is infused with black pigments, and while it looks slightly sheeny on application, it dries down to a matte black and stays put for yonks (although a polite reminder that lash extensions necessitate thorough yet gentle eye makeup removal). You’ll need to kit yourself out with a liner brush, but the formula is pliable and blendable for a little while before it sets. Pro tip: don’t leave the lid off. Been there.

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Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon, £19

Technically not an eyeliner per se, but this jewel hued applicator does the job of sultry-fying the lash line in a glimmery manner and it can do double duty if you’re after oil-free eyeshadow too (blend it out with a fluffy brush). The colourways are endlessly flattering for all eye colours, and it creates the kind of soft, smudgy definition that pairs beautifully with more dramatic lashes. It glides nicely across lids without snagging, but don’t go there on the waterline- shadow in eye is a seriously irritating situation to be in.

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