Available in five shades and made with sustainable skincare quality ingredients, the second launch in Lush’s new makeup range offers glimmer without plastic glitter, but you’ll have to be quick to get the glow…

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After the success of Lush’s first foray into foundation ( Lush Slap Stick  sold like hot vegan cakes), the company famous for its fizzing bath bombs, anti-plastic packaging and distinct whiff that’s detectable from miles off is taking its solid makeup format into highlighter territory. The launch of Lush Glow Sticks, £11.95, on the Lush website  on Monday 20th August will see five new highlighters hit the cyber shelves, with shades inspired by bird plumage and spangle care of finely blended synthetic mica, which is more ethical than natural mica and clearly far more planet friendly than plastic glitter. Here’s what else you can expect for the Glow Stick lineup…

They’re good enough to eat

Don’t be an ‘eater’ (...apparently customers do actually try to eat stock in store), but with a base of organic extra virgin coconut oil and Moroccan argan oil, you could probably technically get away with it. The salespeople will have something to say about that though. On your face, not in your face.

Gleam for a great cause

As with Lush’s foundations, 10% of profits from the purchase of the Indonesian coconut oil go to non-profit organisations that fund literacy programmes and dental services on the island of Nias.

Put them anywhere

Within reason, but the five holographic shades offer up sheeny potential for cheekbones, lids, eyes and decolletage for starters.

They’re natural on a lot of levels

There’s the conditioning oils within the formula, and the names of each Glow Stick are sourced from nature too- namely birds, because Lush co-founder Mark Constantine is really into them, and they represent diversity in nature. As such, you’ve got:

Ibis: a holographic cream

Dove: a shimmery purple

Lark: a champagne gleam

Peacock: a vibrant green (more festival vibes than day to day wear)

Robin: a spangly rose

They’d transfer well to art class and we’re told they show up on all skintones.

They’re available for one month only

Like the aforementioned Slap Sticks, Glow Sticks are only available online, and for a short amount of time. Whether Lush is simply testing the water with its new makeup concepts, we’re not sure, but if you like the sound of freshly made, cruelty-free, vegan and eco-friendly face paint, you know what to do.

Lush Glow Sticks launch on the  Lush website  on Monday 20th August

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