Alexa Chung and Eyeko are a match made in beauty heaven, writes Anna Hunter

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It has recently been announced that our favourite low maintenance beauty icon, Alexa Chung (see recent tweet, “Using a fork as a comb. Acceptable?”) will be collaborating with indie Brit beauty brand Eyeko. Essentially, this is a double dose of cool. Eyeko does one thing, really, really well, and that’s eyes. Alexa does many things, and excels in all, but she also has a thing for eyes. Hence, a perfect partnership. Bear with us.

Speaking to WWD, Eyeko founders Max and Nina Leykind revealed that they were keen to work with Alexa, as ‘she’s an eye freak like us’. They’re not wrong, as Ms Chung subsequently divulged that the cover of her upcoming book, It, ‘is actually an eyeball’. She even went so far as to josh that she ‘penned the book with eyeliner’. She may not be using her ‘saviour’ liquid liner as stationery quite yet, but her reliance on it is evident both on the red carpet and in her admission that it’s her ‘comfort blanket’.

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Essentially a well-defined eye is what Alexa does best, besides interviewing fashion and music heavyweights and contributing to the most prestigious publications on the planet. Happily, Eyeko is up there with Alexa in the popularity stakes, having gained a cult beauty editor and make-up artist following and won over chic yet fashionably undone stars such as Jennifer Lawrence and Gemma Arterton. Their range is devoted to enhancing the windows to our souls, and their quirky yet functional packaging and inky, intense range of liners and mascaras are capable of creating a doe eye or cat’s eye flick in mere seconds.

Given that Alexa is so animated on the subject of eyes, it was highly unlikely that she’d be satisfied just being the “face of” Eyeko. Instead she has been working with Max and Nina to create an eye-make up set emblazoned with her own artwork. The range will include a waterproof black eyeliner and waterproof black mascara (ever the practical thinker) and will launch in November. In typical Chung style, she disclosed to WWD that the creative juices started flowing at a meeting with the Eyeko founders in an East London café during which Alexa was suffering the effects of a hangover. She’s been sending countless midnight emails since; it’s fair to say that perfect peepers are her passion.

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