If Marilyn, Grace and Audrey et al are your makeup muses, this lipstick is a must-have

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It goes without saying that the leading ladies of the early film industry are timeless icons of talent and beauty; their films re-watched over and over again and their looks emulated by many. Recreating a defined 50s cupid’s bow or finding the perfect match for Monroe’s ruby red lip is an art, and one that’s been skilfully mastered by movie buff and lipstick innovator Poppy King. When it comes to lip colour you can’t get more luxurious than Poppy’s Lipstick Queen brand, and her new Silver Screen collection defies imitation. If the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Ava Gardner had a modern lipstick in their dressing rooms, it would be this one.

The seven shades are named after famous lines from films, and even the formulation is inspired by celluloid, with reflective qualities that mirror the flattering light cast on actresses by the ‘silver screens’ of old. The shades range from deep purple to youthful peach, and each bullet is infused with softening pomegranate extract, vitamin E and A and Poppy’s signature addition of peppermint oil, not to mention vivid pigments. The Silver Screen line-up achieves that holy grail of lipstick wear; the lipsticks are glossy yet long-lasting with not a hint of stickiness. The packaging is fashioned after the Empire State Building- it’s not every lipstick that combines architectural, cinematic and technical prowess. Wear forever and treasure it.

Lipstick Queen Silver Screen, £35,  buy online