Ayesha Muttucumaru gives us a sneak peek at what's to come from Astalift...

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Come September, the latest member of the award-winning Astalift family is set to be introduced to our anti-wrinkle regimes – the new Astalift Foundation, £29. GTG attended the launch to find out more about the latest addition...

Aimed at those over the age of 30, this new skin perfector provides medium, matte coverage while also containing a bevy of youth-boosting benefits, building on the technology that has made its skincare range such a success.

Designed to mimic the skin’s mechanisms to absorb and reflect light, each of the six shades has been formulated to create a natural finish that looks great in any light whether it’s day or night. How though, we hear you ask? Sounds like a pretty bold claim.

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Well according to Astalift HQ, when light hits the surface of the skin, blue light is absorbed by melanin and yellow light is absorbed by haemoglobin. The Light Absorbing and Reflecting Technology contained within the foundation absorbs and reflects these complexion sapping tones, reducing the appearance of uneven skin tone caused by wrinkles and claiming to leave a flawless finish in its wake. Clever stuff if you ask us.

Working both on top of and underneath the skin courtesy of the inclusion of various types of collagen to improve overall firmness and Astaxanthin (a powerful alga-based antioxidant that supports the skin’s natural repair process), this is one product we reckon will garner as large a following here as the brand’s skin plumping Jelly Aquarysta , £26. Which considering the fact that the UK was chosen as the first country outside of Asia to stock it, will be pretty huge indeed.

Astalift Foundation will be available from September 2013 at  www.astalift.co.uk , Selfridges, Fenwicks, Debenhams and selected Boots stores nationwide.