The most modern, kissable lips will be wearing a coloured balm this Valentine's Day, says Susannah Taylor

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I don’t care what the makeup artists say, I don’t believe everyone suits red lipstick. I for one, do not. However that’s not to say that I don’t absolutely adore it (and am so jealous of it) on other women. I love nothing more than seeing a woman rocking a bright fresh crimson lip worn with not much else but perfected skin and a lick of mascara. It always feels so fresh and glamorous in a thoroughly modern way.

Men, too, can be divided over red lipstick. Some love it as a sign of power, strength and individuality in a woman, whilst others run a mile when they see it. My husband for one, falls into the latter camp; he sees it as some weird dauby paint that would put him off kissing me. “It feels fake,” he tells me, “It’s unnecessary, clown-like even.” To be honest if it suited me he would probably change his mind.

So what to do if you just want to add a lick of colour without risking it looking ‘too much’ on you?’ I have the answer for you - a coloured balm. Nourishing for winter-worn lips, they are also very much on-trend, tying in brilliantly with the ‘no makeup-makeup look’ that is so very now. Play around with cherry, berry or pink shades - they will add a hint of zing to your face without looking like you’ve tried one little bit.

I’ve tested a lot and these in my opinion are the best:

Clinique Sweet Pots, £15.50

One side is a sugar scrub and the other a coloured balm (available in 6 popping shades), and creates the softest, fullest pout.

Lancome Shine Lover lipstick, £23

More sheer than a normal lipstick with more hint of a tint than a really natural balm, these ‘healthy glow effect' lipsticks add moisture to your lips and radiance to your face.

Sisley Phyto Lip Twist, £31

As shiny as a gloss (but not as gloopy), with as much colour as a lipstick, these sheer twist-up sticks leave lips really luminous. Available in 9 beautiful flattering shades from Peach to Cherry and Coral.

Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment SPF15, £19.50

If you’re after a really nourishing balm with just a hint of colour then this Fresh version is it. Containing sugar to prevent moisture loss and nourishing oils this balm is intensely moisturising and comes in 10 gorgeous shades from Tulip (a hot pink) to Berry and Rose.

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Lip Shine, £22

With a very light-weight texture, you can build colour so you either have a natural finish or something a bit more sophisicated. Available in an array of 18 colours from reds to corals and baby pinks, it leaves a super shiny but sheer finish.

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