Mattes have moved on people. We put two new leading edge lipsticks to the test…

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In the ring: Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet vs Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte

The vital stats:

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Rouge Allure Collection 2015 , £26. Shade L’Indomptable

Press release promise: “With its velvet texture, ROUGE ALLURE VELVET takes the audacity of colour even further. It enhances lips with a comfortable and luminous matte finish, as well as deep, intense shades.”

Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Mattes , £6.99, Shade Magnetic Magenta

Press release promise: “Innovative matte cream formula meets bold pigment colour for our smoothest, most seductive mattes.”

The battle:

First things first, mattes have upped their game across the board. No chalkiness, flaking, bleeding or ‘drag’ on application is to be tolerated. On those counts, these two have passed the weigh-in.

Fight time: 2pm until roughly midnight

First round: Chanel is certainly in good shape: sturdy and streamlined with an efficient ‘click’ lid. Any woman would swoon over this covetable black and gold bullet. Maybelline counterpunches with silver and grey packaging, but the plastic lid could never take on Chanel’s exterior strength. Game on.

Chanel’s application is slick and smooth, while Maybelline’s glide is a little more waxy. Maybelline’s pointed tip helps it to double up (at least initially) as a liner, giving it a serious edge. That cupid’s bow will look razor sharp and defined after a hit of Creamy Matte.

Chanel’s colour is sophisticated and elegant, Maybelline’s hue is fun and bright but possibly on the garish side if you’re a nervy onlooker. That being said, the blue undertones are very flattering on pale complexions. Pigment payoff top notch for both competitors, but the extra fullness afforded by Chanel’s multidimensional finish puts it in a league above. Both feel lightweight. Maybelline smells a bit like playdough; Chanel has an extremely subtle hint of rose going on, but you’d have to stick it up your nose to really notice it.

Second round: It’s snack time. Chanel passes the rice cake test with flying colours. Maybelline makes it through the canapés flawlessly, but it’s starting to feel a bit dry. Wishing I had a gloss with me.

Third round: Chanel has sailed through dinner and wines. The colour has remained almost as intense as when I put it on, and it hasn’t drifted from my lip line or onto my glass. Maybelline has behaved almost impeccably too, but the colour fade is more noticeable post plate of pasta. Reapplication essential.

Fourth round: End of night bathroom mirror test revealed Chanel to be the most steadfast, but Maybelline has faded in a pleasing, rather than patchy, manner. Given that there’s almost £20 between them, kudos to Maybelline.

The winner

Chanel has the upper hand in this matte match. Maybelline gave it a fair game, but some things are just worth paying for.

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