From the face cream that Bobbi Brown buys on repeat to the gut health boost that impressed nutritional therapist Daniel'OShaughnessy and the retinol alternative loved by derm Dr Justine Kluk, here are the things that our experts want to put on your radar

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We call upon experts a lot here at Get The Gloss – from filling us in on the latest ingredients, to helping us decode whether a supplement is worth taking, we rely on them every day.

As the year draws to a close, we asked our experts from the beauty and wellness industry to share their top find from 2019. When it’s got the expert seal of approval, you just know it’s going to be good!

Who: Nutritional therapist Daniel O’Shaughnessy
Discovery: Wild Fizz Kombucha

“It’s a guaranteed hit of probiotics and I do notice the improvement in my digestive system from taking it. It's made me try making kombucha myself  - I've been buying starter kits so I can make my own at home. It's interesting learning how to flavour it too.”

Who: Bobbi Brown, founder of Bobbi Brown cosmetics
Discovery:  Augustinus Bader's The Cream , £205

"There's a reason The Cream , £205, is always selling out; it’s a game-changer. It uses stem cell technology to hydrate, repair and renew skin so you always look glowing. Sometimes the price of something is justified, and I will go on record and say this cream is worth it."

Who: Trish McEvoy, beauty entrepreneur and makeup brand founder
Discovery: The power of rest

“My biggest 2019 beauty discovery was the glory of rest. I have always been someone who requires very little sleep or relaxation, this year I made it a point to implement the discipline of getting myself into a calm and relaxed mode in the evenings to recharge.

"It's not about having the time, it is about making the time for me. Beauty and wellness finds that have made my rest and relaxation the best it can be are: my silk pillowcase and eye mask for my hair and eyes (I use the ones from Hill House Home),  Spotify playlists for soothing music, it is such a mood lifter! I personally love the Sweet Soul Chillout  and the Easy Acoustic playlists. I also regularly use the Fitbit tracker to monitor if I'm getting enough sleep and movement. I have the AltaHR Fitbit  with heart rate and sleep tracking and love it!”

Who: Rhian Stephenson, CEO of Psycle
Discovery:  Allies of Skin Bright Future Sleeping Facial , £110 and Kiki Health Alkaline Infusion supplement , £24.96

“I’ve become mildly obsessed with two things this year. Skin-wise I love Allies of Skin Bright Future Sleeping Facial, £110.  It’s so amazing as an overnight treatment to immediately smooth and brighten the skin. The second thing is Kiki’s Alkaline Infusion  supplement, £24.95. I really noticed the difference in energy and recovery when I don’t take it. It’s the perfect addition to any smoothie to replenish electrolytes and boost energy. I add it to all of my Psycle shakes!”

Who: Makeup artist and writer Madeleine Spencer
Discovery: Westman Atelier Vital Skin Foundation Stick , £62

"Gucci Westman channelled her eye for detail and knack for creating beautiful skin into a makeup range this year, and the foundation stick  is one of the best skin-perfecting products I’ve ever used. Every time I use it, at least one person tells me my skin looks amazing and asks what skincare I’ve been using, rather than what foundation I have on, which to me is always the mark of good skin makeup. I like to apply it in a few lines across my forehead, chin, nose, and cheeks, then buff it in, fusing it with skin."

Who: Fiona McIntosh, co-founder of Blow Ltd
Discovery: LVL lashes treatment

“I had been struggling to find the right mascara - one that made my lashes look fuller and longer but didn't irritate my sensitive eyes or leave me with panda rings at the end of the evening. I wasn't having much luck, so I thought I'd try an LVL treatment.

"The idea is that it lifts and tints your natural lashes to make them look longer and more voluminous, rather than glueing on extensions. I tried an LVL treatment at home just before I went away on holiday last summer and I can honestly say it's been a revelation. I spent weeks in and out of the water and didn't need to wear mascara once. It was like waking each morning with fuller lashes that had been already curled and tinted. I now have an LVL lash treatment at home every two months. My only regret is that I didn't try it sooner!”

Who: Dr Johanna Ward , skincare entrepreneur, aesthetics practitioner and Get The Gloss resident GP
Discovery: Infra-red sauna

Infra-red saunas  have been a game-changer for me in 2019. My own serious illness (I was diagnosed with viral pericarditis, an infection around the heart) led me to research treatments that help support the body's detoxification systems. Once I discovered the benefits of infrared saunas I knew it would become a life-promoting habit. I love them so much that I even have a SunLighten  one in my own home!

"Infrared saunas help rid the body of toxins, boost the immune system and improve whole-body circulation. They are also an effective form of stress relief and have been proven to reduce circulating cortisol, the stress hormone.  After a long day, I look forward to nothing more than getting into my infrared sauna, closing my eyes and doing some meditation. It helps to know that I am also sweating out the day's toxins.”

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Who: Dermatologist Dr Justine Kluk
Discovery: Medik8 Liquid Peptides , £45

“Having spent almost the entire year either pregnant or nursing, I didn’t want to abandon my goals of fresh and healthy-looking skin, but had to look beyond my usual repertoire of sunscreen, antioxidant and retinol . Peptides  were the obvious substitute for retinol [which should be avoided when pregnant or breastfeeding] because of their plumping, firming and smoothing potential, so a product I’ve leaned on heavily is Medik8 Liquid Peptides . What’s even better is that I tolerate it well around my eyes and on my neck and décolleté, so no need for extra products at these sites - good news for a time-pressed new mum.”

Who: Facialist Debbie Thomas
Apothem Multi, £15

“I have always had a tube of Elizabeth Arden Fragrance-free Eight Hour Cream  in my skin kit. It’s been my go-to for dry lips, dry cuticles and the occasional saviour for retinol or post-peel dryness. However, my new kid on the block is the recently launched Apothem Multi, £15 , a botanical and CBD-infused multi-purpose skin balm. Not only does it protect and nourish, but it also has a great anti-inflammatory and calming effect.”

Who: Sonia Deasy, founder of Pestle and Mortar
Discovery: Cocofloss Dental Floss , £7

“I discovered Cocofloss Dental Floss, £7  from Boots when travelling earlier this year and I can honestly say that I actually look forward to flossing now!”

Who: Makeup artist Ruby Hammer
Discovery: Cle de Peau Beaute Concealer , £54

“My best discovery for 2019 was actually a rediscovery thanks to Cle de Peau launching in the UK. The Concealer, £54  is a cult product that I no longer have to beg, borrow or steal to have in my kit... a huge sigh of relief.”

Who: Marcella Cacci, founder of One Ocean Beauty
Discovery: Adaptogens

“The most interesting discovery I made this year is adaptogens [plant compounds that help you cope with stress]  specifically ashwagandha, which I've now incorporated into my daily regime. Starting a new beauty and wellness business, life can be hectic. I use this supplement daily to help reduce stress (helps to regulate cortisol) and maintain balance. Moon Juice's Super You  [available in the US] is a great supplement that incorporates four potent adaptogens." Try KSM-66 Ashwagandha Plus by Wild Nutrition, £19.50 .

Who: Charlotte Cox, founder of FLY LDN yoga studio

Discovery:  Dr Sam's Flawless Cleanser, £16

“My best discovery of the year is Dr Sam's Flawless skincare range but particularly the Flawless Cleanser, £16 . I have really sensitive, combination skin and this range doesn't aggravate or dry it out. It is also non-comedogenic so helps to prevent breakouts too.”

Who: Erin Moroney, founder of Nibble Protein  
Discovery: Hayo'u Beauty Restorer,  £38

“Just recently I discovered Hayo'u's jade massage tool  (specifically the Beauty Restorer Lite) and I’m a total convert. I have extremely sensitive skin which is really prone to allergic rashes, ruling out most face products. I recently read that Gua Sha helps increase lymphatic drainage so I’ve been using the Hayo’u for a quick face massage every morning (without oil). One minute a day of massage has not only been reducing puffiness and redness, but it’s really helping my sinuses too!”

Who: Petra Strand, founder of Pixi by Petra cosmetics
Discovery:  Solgar Turmeric Capsules , £19.75

"I've long been using turmeric topically on my skin and I was so impressed with the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, I decided to start taking the Solgar Turmeric Capsules, £19.75  and I really feel it's been a great addition to my supplements."