Ayesha Muttucumaru has found her perfect match - who needs a man when you have good make-up?

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The things that I look for in a beauty product are very similar to what I look for in a date. Ideally, it would be amazing if they looked good (but not too good), were smooth (but not too slick), were no fuss (without being a bore) and stuck around for a while (without being too clingy).

While I might need to concede that I may be slightly fussy on the guy-front, I think I’ve found my perfect party season Beauty Crush in the form of the new range of NARS Eye Paints , £18.50.

These ten versatile and eye-catching pots of pigmented colour are great used either as an eyeshadow or eyeliner and tick all the boxes. They’re lightweight (tick), dry really quickly (tick), don’t budge (tick) and are available in a range of colours to make party peepers really pop (double tick. Snake Eyes, a gorgeous black and green shimmer is my favourite).

Great to have on standby in your desk drawer to help you transition from desk to dancefloor with just a swipe of a finger or a flick of an eyeliner brush,  these make-up sidekicks supply all the qualities that I’m looking for in a future mate and are my perfect match in every sense. That is unless Christian Bale comes a-knockin’ of course.