Ayesha Muttucumaru has found the perfect spring blush, courtesy of YSL

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Mastering the art of the fresh-faced flush can be a tricky affair: too little product and you might as well not be wearing any, too much and you run the risk of looking like an extra in TOWIE. However, we think we may have found a way to brush up on our skills thanks to the new limited edition Rosy Blush Collector Palette from YSL , £42.50. (Product no longer available, we recommend the YSL Couture Blush, £32 )

It’s not often that a product elicits as vocal a reaction as this did when it hit our desks. Looking more like a piece of art than macquillage courtesy of its graphic floral gold and rose motif, it was one of those finds that tempted us to look and not touch. However, I’m glad that we did because what we found within was a feminine, powder-cream blush soft enough to cloak skin with a blossoming springtime glow, multi-faceted enough to be used as a highlighter and natural enough to be worn everyday.

With delicate gold undertones and two shades of pink which merge both matte and luminous textures, it’s best suited for fair to olive skin tones looking for a subtle rose-tinted shimmer and a beautiful touch of nude blush that’s healthy, radiant but most importantly, believable too.

Also available from  www.harrods.com