We asked you for your biggest beauty bugbears and you responded. Here are the answers from Benefit's Lisa Potter-Dixon

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Do you have a beauty problem you just don’t know how to fix? You’ve spoken to your friends and tried a few tips and tricks from the internet, but the solution is still as elusive as ever. Wondering where to turn to?

Wonder no more, as last month, Get The Gloss  teamed up  with one of our favourite beauty brands, Benefit Cosmetics , to ask you - our wonderful community of readers and shoppers - to send through your biggest beauty dilemmas to Benefit’s head makeup artist and brow expert, Lisa Potter-Dixon and have the chance to have your problem personally answered by her on Get The Gloss.

You contacted us in your hundreds and after carefully reading through each and every one of your entries, Lisa has responded to five of your most commonly shared beauty problems.

Finlay from Northampton: Facial hair & foundation

Dilemma submitted by email

FINLAY: “My beauty problem all stems from my facial [hair]. I don't want to wax/shave the little hairs covering my face, but sometimes when wearing foundation they stand out so much! They also make my foundation look patchy. This also worsens in sunlight as well. Is there anything to stop this from happening?”

LISA POTTER DIXON: “Hey Finlay. This is easily solved through your application technique. Apply your primer and foundation (I recommend the POREfessional , £24.50, for the primer – which is designed to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines - and hello flawless oxygen wow! , £26.50, for foundation) in downward strokes using a flat foundation brush.

This will flatten hair in an even manner. Then, use your fingers to softly pat away any excess product. Also, use a highlighter on the bridge of your nose. You could try girl meets pearl , £24.50. This will add a dewiness to your look and take the focus away from the complexion.”

Sophie Mills from Peterborough: Flat brows

Dilemma submitted by Twitter

SOPHIE: “I have pretty good brows naturally but they look so flat. What can I do to rectify this?”

LISA POTTER DIXON: “Firstly Soph, I'd recommend a tint with your monthly wax  as this will make your brows look fuller instantly. I’d then style the brows with gimme brow  volumizing eyebrow gel, £18.50, and 3D BROWtones  eyebrow enhancer, £18.50. Gimme brow is a fibre gel which mimics the appearance of real hair, meaning your brows look thicker when you use this beauty! Go away from the hair first and then back with the hair. Finish by sweeping 3D BROWtones over the top. This will add dimension - flat brows, be gone!”

Josie from Ferndown, Dorset: Thin lips

Dilemma submitted by Instagram

JOSIE: “I have quite thin lips and am obsessed with lipstick, but my mouth just can't do them justice. I can't figure out how to make them look naturally fuller.”

LISA POTTER DIXON: “Hey Josie I feel your pain as I have thin lips too! Personally I start by patting my erase paste  concealer, £20.50, all over my lips. I then take a liner the same colour as my natural lip and draw a cross at my cupid's bow to enhance my pout.

I then proceed to line my lips, overdrawing them slightly before using my desired lipstick. Benefit's BIG sexy lip kit , £24.50, is fantastic for this as it contains four shades, each with a liner and lipstick in one! This means I can cheat the size slightly in the most natural way possible. Applying your lipstick with a lip brush will help with definition. And, for an extra oomph, add a little highlighter above the cupid's bow.”

Charlotte from Westhoughton, Greater Manchester: Thread veins

Dilemma submitted by Facebook

CHARLOTTE: “My dilemma is I have red veins on my face near my nose - help! How can I cover them to the point I can't see them?”

LISA POTTER DIXON: ‘Hi Charlotte. A yellow based colour corrector such as Benefit's lemon aid  eyelid primer, £16.50,  is your best friend.

Begin by patting the corrector over the red area with your ring finger to neutralise the red. Next, add foundation. I like to use a damp sponge for precise areas as it gives an airbrushed finish. If the redness is still visible, pat some boi-ing  concealer, £17.50, over the top for extra coverage.

Finally, apply a highlighter ( watt’s up! , £24.50 is a good option) onto the bridge of the nose for a dewy glow.”

Liz from Bedford: Creasing shadows

Dilemma submitted by Twitter

LIZ: “I love highly pigmented shadows but struggle to stop it creasing - any tips to make it stay put?”

LISA POTTER DIXON: “Hello Liz. I heart stay don't stray  primer for eyes, £20.50. This beauty helps to keep your eyeshadow in place all day and it prevents creasing.

Apply this all over your eyelid and then set with a translucent powder before applying your desired eyeshadows – sexiest nudes ever , £23.50, a great kit for creating natural eyes with impact. If you’re confident with your application, try dampening (ever so slightly) your brush before using your shadow/pigment and press it into the lid. This will bring out the pigment and give you an even, long-wear finish. Perfection!”

Each lucky reader featured in this article has won a Benefit makeup remedy kit of their choice from a selection chosen by Lisa.

Written in partnership with  Benefit Cosmetics .