Brown and black eyeliner are all very well but fancy trying something different that'll really make your eyes dazzle? Follow our simple guide to find the best shades for you

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Certain makeup choices are hardwired into our minds - and eyeliner colour is a prime example. For many, the only options on the dressing table are brown or black, the former for daytime, the latter for evening. But there are a whole host of other colours to choose from. 

And there is good reason to eschew your usual safe choices of black or brown, according to Simone Otis, makeup artist for 19/99 Beauty: “Colourful eyeliners can make the colour of your eyes pop far more than black or brown. By choosing a shade that either is in the same colour family as your eye colour or one that contrasts with it, it automatically enhances and boosts the vibrancy of your eyes. Black just can’t do this.” 

Knowing which colour contrasts or complements comes down to colour theory, something you may have learnt in art class at school. The colour opposite your eye colour on the colour wheel is the most complementary. We’re not expecting you to have said colour wheel etched into your memory so we’ve put together the eyeliner colours that will flatter your own eye colour best. Scroll down to find your perfect match.

Best for blue eyes…

“Warm shades such as copper, terracotta, and gold will make blue eyes seem even bluer and if you opt for one with some metallic or shimmer in will makes eyes look more sparkly,” says Otis. “Alternatively colour match and wear a blue eyeliner - either electric or a navy shade - for a tone-on-tone look that is very flattering.”

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Stila All Day ArtiStix Graphic Liner in Hustle, £19
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Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Sapphire, £6.99 

Best for brown eyes…

Otis recommends a bold blue eyeliner for those with brown eyes. “The contrast of the cool tones in blue with the warmth of a brown eye will make your eyes pop and sparkle.” Similarly, greens will also bring out the warmth in brown eyes so look for deep emeralds or khaki shades.

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Zoeva Velvet Love Eyeliner in Metallic Khaki, £16
Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in Bourbon, £20
Charlotte Tilbury Eye Colour Magic Duo in Super Blue, £25 

Best for green eyes…

“Try wearing any shade of green and see what makes your green eyes look even more vibrant and pretty. You can also choose a berry, red or maroon eyeliner to contrast with the green for a piercing look,” says Otis. Red-toned eyeliners also have the unique ability of making the whites of your eyes look even whiter so a great option on days when you're feeling (and perhaps looking) a bit tired. 

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19/99 Beauty Precision Colour Pencil in Bor, £19
Nyx Professional Makeup Epic Wear Long Lasting Liner Stick in Berry Goth, £7
Lisa Eldridge Seamless Glide Eye Pencil in Night Forest, £24 

Best for all eye colours...

There are some brilliant, universally flattering shades (that aren’t brown or black) that work whatever eye colour you have - and prove especially useful if you’re not quite sure what colour your eyes are! Are they blue? Are they green? Are they somewhere inbetween? Soft grey and taupe shades work for everyone and are also versatile in terms of when you can wear them; perfect for both casual and glam makeup moments.

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Barry M Bold Waterproof Eyeliner in Gun Metal, £4.99
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