We’re calling it, lip crayons may just be the best lip product out there

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While we love the playful, childlike feeling that comes with having a ‘crayon’ in our makeup bag, lip crayons are actually one of the hardest working and seriously impressive beauty products. They double up magnificently as a lip liner and lip colour thanks to their nib applicator. Then, the waxy and balmy base gives them lots of lip-caring ingredients to improve your lips long-term as well as instantly. Like a lip balm, you can sling one in your bag and apply without a mirror.

While we love a lipstick - in fact, we’ve put together a round-up of the best lipsticks of all time - it can sometimes feel dry and heavy. Not so with a lip crayon; think light, buttery and comforting. And that doesn’t stop them from delivering on pigment necessarily. Some pack the colour punch of a liquid lipstick with amazing staying power but with convenience and comfort as well. Are lip crayons actually the best lip product ever? We think they are up there.

Here is our edit of the best lip crayons for every finish and budget.

The best luxe lip crayon: Haus Labs Le Monster Lip Crayon, £23 

Shade range: 17

This is so velvety and creamy it’s hard to believe such a nourishing consistency can come from a tiny nib, which also helps deliver utmost precision on application. It has great staying-power and as you might expect from Lady Gaga’s makeup brand, which is very much about diversity and inclusivity, this is also the lip crayon with the largest shade range spanning from soft pinks and working through red, orange and deep brown burgundy tones. And a huge plus with this lip crayon is that it is twistable so you never need to worry about finding a sharpener that fits.

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The best all-rounder lip crayon: Beauty Pie Velvety Matte Lip Crayon, £12 for members (£20 for non-members)*

Shade range: 6

On days when you don’t want the ‘heaviness’ of a lipstick, the stickiness of a gloss but need something more than lip balm, this is where this clever lip crayon comes in. The colour lasts surprisingly well; it's buildable from a wash to a lipstick-style depth and is the perfect way to fill in a lip liner or make a matte or long-wear lipstick look a little less dry.  Beauty Pie calls the finish as matte, but put thoughts of it looking flat and one-dimensional out of your mind as we think it’s more of a velvety smooth finish that has a hint of sheen without being too shiny.

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The best lip crayon choice of shades: Laura Mercier Petal Soft Lip Crayon, £24 

Shade range: 20

With more colour than a lip balm but less pigment punch than a lipstick, this waxy and buttery lip crayon comes in 20 flattering and easy shades to wear that leave a noticeable wash of colour on the lips. Because it’s on the sheerer side you don’t have to be too precise in your application method (we can put it on without a mirror to hand) and again comes with a handy twist-up packaging so it’s always sharp and ready to go.

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The best lip crayon for dry lips: Saan Solid Lip Serum, £24 

Shade range: 3 shades and one clear

While this doesn’t have the word crayon in the product name, this is actually the one that looks most like one. It comes in three tinting shades and is very sheer (of them all the darkest wine-coloured one has actually more of a glossy lipstick effect) and so doesn't need a pointy precision nib. The focus is more on getting really good, hydrating and caring ingredients onto the lips to improve their appearance and health. In the formula, you’ll find meadowfoam seed oil which is an anti-inflammatory and brilliant skin rebalancer. There’s also cocoa butter to moisturise and licorice leaf extract to soften. Star of the show is probably the cannabis sativa seed oil which is packed with vitamin E and keeps lips nourished and replenished.

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The best lip crayon for a lipstick-like finish: Monika Blunder Lipstick Crayon, £22.40 

Shade range: 6

Created by celebrity makeup artist Monika Blunder, this is packed full of skin-loving ingredients such as arnica flower extract, shea butter and omega-3 and 6, this delivers a lasting buttery satin finish without a hint of stickiness. It comes in six everyday shades and is easy to apply.

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The best lipstick crayon for on the go: Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Balm, £18.50

Shade range: 11

Thanks to its chunky size and sheer coverage, this is a great product for using when you’re on the go or don’t have the time or inclination for a full-on lip look but want a wash of something over your lips. It comes in 11 shades that span from nudes, pinks, reds, browns and purples so there’s definitely one for every mood you find yourself in.

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The best budget lip crayon: Revlon ColorStay Matte Lip Crayon, £9.99 

Shade range: 10

We have categorised this as the best budget lip crayon, which is most definitely is at under a tenner, however it’s also the best lip crayon for a more full-on lipstick look as it delivers a lot of pigment. It is essentially a lipstick, just in pencil format and with a handy precision nib to be used a lip liner too. It dries quickly but doesn’t feel tight on the skin and has very good longevity.

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The best lip crayon for staying-power: Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, £23 

Shade range: 14

Even though this has amazing stay-ability it doesn’t dry too quickly so if you do need to blend or slightly smudge your application you are able too thanks to its waxy consistency. It feels really comfortable on the lips thanks to containing hydrating vitamin E and comes in the sexy and sultry shades that Nars does like no other - we’re talking deep purples, vivid oranges as well as nudes, pinks and reds. Our only gripe is that you do need to sharpen it to keep it pointed, which is great from a hygiene perspective but do not lose the sharpener!

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