We hit up iconic MUA Bobbi Brown for her top tips for makeup application for over forties, from how to best use concealer on older skin to the blusher tip that makes you look more youthful

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Last month makeup oracle Bobbi Brown, 64, went viral on TikTok when she posted a video sharing her makeup tips for people over 50. The video racked up 2.4 million views, with Bobbi sharing why adding luminosity is essential for mature makeup wearers as well as extolling the benefits of neutralising redness in older skin.

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Keen to learn more than she can share in a one-minute long clip, we caught up with the iconic MUA for her top tips for makeup application when you’re over 40 – including the blusher hack we wish we'd learned years ago.

“I find that women over 40 either give up, do nothing, or they get stuck with something they’ve been doing for years,” says Bobbi. “Our skin changes and so do our faces. Once you get to a certain stage you can’t use makeup that settles into fine lines.

“So many of us zero in on the features we don’t like and obsess over them,” she says. “I recommend always doing your make up in daylight if you can, or at least in a good light. If you’re feeling tired, stop, take some breaths, drink a glass of water and apply some moisturising oil before you do anything else.”

Here she shares her failsafe advice for makeup over 40, from how to use blusher for a youthful flush to why you should go easy on the concealer.

1. Skin first, then foundation

We all know the importance of drinking water for our skin, but Bobbi explains hydration is key in making your makeup sit nicely too.

“As well as drinking tonnes of water, my top tip for foundation on older skin is to always apply moisturiser first,” she says. “Super hydrated skin is key to a good base and will make blending the product so much easier so it really does melt into your skin.”

“Hydration makes your skin look instantly better,” she continues. “I start with the  Augustinus Bader Cream , £215."

Bobbi said she also carries a hydrating face stick, such as her own  Jones Road Hippie Stick , £29, to add moisture to her skin as she goes about her day.

2. Use a cream blush

For older skin Bobbi recommends using a  cream blush  on top of your foundation "and DON'T finish with powder," she adds. "Skipping this step takes ten years off your skin.”

Setting powder can sit in fine lines and take away the youthful dewiness cream blush gives. If you want to set your makeup, go for a glow-giving setting spray  instead.

3. Tackle any redness in your skin

Hyperpigmentation  and  redness  is common on older skin, especially around the nose, mouth and cheeks, according to Bobbi. Taking out redness is key to making you look instantly better and your skin look more even.

Bobbi recommends using one of her  Jones Road Face Pencils , £23, to cover discolouration. “Use a lighter shade under your eyes than the one you used on your face and use it to cover up any dark circles,” she says.

4. Go easy on concealer

If you’ve watched concealer-application tutorials online, you’ll likely have seen people apply  concealer  to a large area, but Bobbi says this is a no-no. “A lot of people carry concealer down to the cheek, but the whole point is to give the illusion of the brightness coming from the darkest area,” she explains. “The trick is not to apply your concealer in large swathes or triangles like we've been taught on YouTube, rather to concentrate  specifically on dark areas — and apply it very lightly.”

“See where your skin is darkest and take the lightest colour of concealer you have and apply it to the darkest area,” Bobbi says.

5. Brighten the inner corner of the eye

As we get older, our eyes get more recessed and darken, not just underneath, but also in the inner corners, Bobbi explains. “Apply a  Jones Road Face Pencil  wherever you see this darkness, and blend. Use one shade lighter under the eyes to really brighten.”

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