Do curvaceous eyelashes always have to come at a higher cost? Not anymore. Here are the 3 best budget beauty eyelash curlers that provide most curve for your cash

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When it comes to eyelash curlers, those on the higher end of the cost spectrum have often had the upper hand on those on the high street in the past. While some are truly worth the extra expense in our opinion in terms of quality and speed of results, there are definitely some great tools of note that come in at under £6 that offer pretty impressive results for a fraction of the price. So if you’re looking to save rather than splurge in the search for a more voluptuous lash line, these 3 chic yet cheap eyelash curlers could be just what you (and your bank balance) have been looking for.

Superdrug Eyelash Curler, £1.99

We found that no lash went uncurled thanks to the shape of this particular pick. Providing a uniform, natural curve to eyelashes to instantly perk up tired eyes, simply close around the top lashes for approximately 20-30 seconds and gently release for maximum eye-opening effect.

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KIKO Eyelash Curler, £5.90

This  budget beauty  steal only required a quick squeeze of only a few seconds to boost the volumising skills of our mascara. One of our favourite brands for providing high quality makeup for a surprisingly low price, we’re glad to report that the same extends to its range of fabulous beauty tools too.

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Dirty Works Eyelash Curlers, £4

With a distinctive design that provides a noticeable extra lift, this particular curler produced the most impressive results out of the bunch and proved to be this GTG writer’s personal favourite. Increasing both curve and angle after holding for 10-15 seconds, its comfortable soft grip handle allowed a greater curl to be achieved with less pressure – a quality that truly made it stand out from the crowd.

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