Celebrity makeup artist and Max Factor ambassador Caroline Barnes shows you how to take your makeup look from daytime undone to after-dark drama

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Desk to dinner? Beach to bar? Caroline Barnes shows you how to take your makeup from day to night in a matter of minutes. Read the step-by-step and watch the video below.

Daytime Undone

Step 1: Perfect your base

Here I used the Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation . I love how it layers up beautifully depending on how I apply it and how the choice of brush I use dictates how much coverage can be achieved. To create a beautiful natural looking coverage for daytime I used a large foundation brush. For any areas that need additional coverage I used the same base ( Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation ) but with a smaller brush to layer up the coverage. I love how the foundation gives a beautifully polished and even complexion.

Step 2: Add blush

Here I used my favourite blush called Miracle Touch Creamy Blusher  in the shade Soft Copper - it brings a wonderful, natural warmth to your complexion. I always use a small brush to make sure that I can add colour to smaller areas of the face without it looking over done. Larger brushes can place too much colour on the cheeks.

Step 3: Tame brows

It is important to always frame and perfect your brows before you start to sculpt your eyes. This gives you the perfect guiding shape to define your eyes. Here I’m using the Eyebrow Pencil  in Hazel.

Step 4: Softly smoking eyes

I adore working with gel pencils as they create a perfect soft shimmer with zero effort. Here I used the Wild Shadow Eyeshadow Pencil  in Vicious Moss. Simpy scribble the colour over your entire lid and blend the edges with a soft clean brush to diffuse the colour.

Step 5: Mascara

Curl the lashes and apply two coats of the False Lash Effect Mascara  to the top lashes.

Step 6: Glossy lips

Apply one coat of the new Colour Intensifying Balm  in Sumptuous Candy for a subtle hint of glossy colour.

After-dark drama

Step 1: Retouch skin

The Miracle Touch Foundation  is a fantastic formulation for touching up skin that is already made up. It blends beautifully and perfects the skin without it looking too heavy. Use a shade slightly lighter than your actual skin tone to brighten your complexion.

Step 2: Apply smoky eye

Wrap the gel colour pencil ( Wild Shadow Eyeshadow Pencil ) around your lashes and use a clean brush to smudge the edges. Apply Excess Longwear Liner  in black into your waterline and on the top and bottom of the eye making sure to stretch the colour into the roots of your lashe - this creates a sharp definintion to your eyes which is super sexy. Build up your lashes with another coat of False Lash Effect Mascara  on the top and also bottom lashes. If your lashes feel like they’re getting cloggy use a metal comb dipped in eye makeup remover to separate the lashes.

Step 3: Layer up the gloss

Apply layers of the  Colour Intensifying Balm  in Sumptuous Candy until you achieve the perfect shade of red.

Wondering what shade of  Wild Shadow Eyeshadow Pencil  to pick for you? Caroline breaks it down by eye colour:

Dark brown eyes:  04 Brazen Gold

Hazel eyes: 10 Fierce Lime and or 15 Vicious Moss

Blue eyes: 05 Caramel Rage or 25 Savage Blue

Green eyes: 05 Caramel Rage and 15 Vicious Moss

To see Caroline in action watch the video below:

Written in partnership with Max Factor

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