The makeup maverick’s second foundation has been five years in the making. Just what makes Magic Foundation so bewitching?

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If anyone understands the magic, rather than mask like, properties of makeup, it’s makeup artist and cosmetics creator Charlotte Tilbury. She’s CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer) of all things face painty for women the world over, and her genius lies in her skills in both problem solving and seeking out the beauty and uniqueness in every face, whether it belongs to a supermodel or someone working at the supermarket. Charlotte doesn’t discriminate (see her diverse shade ranges) and knows full well the beauty issues that bother women the world over, and the fact that multiple gripes can crop up at once. This kind of passion can lead a woman to working on a product before she even has investment, and sending it back to the lab countless times for reformulation. Hence the birth of her new Magic Foundation. It’s been a long time coming, and here’s why.

Magic Foundation is ‘intelligent’. It doesn’t just sit around on your face, waiting to be washed off, getting a bit sluggish and sloppy as the day goes on. It’s a go-getter, and specifically, it’s going to get those fine lines, dark spots and oily bits, not to mention pores that take up a bit too much space. While Magic Foundation isn’t the first to boast skincare ingredients, it is the frontrunner in terms of brightening, anti-ageing vitamin C, as the formula is rich in VC-IP, or Supercharged Vitamin C to you and me. In Vivo tests have proved its superior powers in terms protecting the skin and revving up cell regeneration, and the addition of this ‘supercharged’ antioxidant means that you’re not just theoretically covering up pigmentation and dullness; you’re actually decreasing its appearance for the long haul. Time will tell on this one, given that it’s only just launched, but its immediate effect on problematic skin is remarkable. From acne to rosacea to scarring to pigmentation to wrinkles, Magic Foundation softly blurs away imperfections while enhancing, plumping and basically making the most of your skin. Charlotte’s intent on us observing the effects on all women, not just billboard beauties, and the fact that this base even minimises the appearance of severe acne and scarring, without irritating or suffocating the skin, is commendable.

When I tried it for myself, however, I got into a bit of a pickle. Firstly, don’t expect it to glide over the skin in the manner of dewy foundations that have been so popular of late. This is serious, decent coverage stuff, so you’ll have to make a bit more effort to work it into the skin. Her soon to launch Magic Complexion Brush will help you to buff it into the skin without streaking or dragging. After a brief teething period involving a bit of shedding, I’m now never without this brush. It makes anything you put on look ‘real’, which is makeup sorcery at its best. Secondly, prep and moisturise your skin thoroughly first. It’s hydrating, thanks to the addition of cell cushioning hyaluronic acid and a nourishing mushroom extract (Laricyl), but it’s not a tinted moisturiser. Get the basics right and take a bit of time blending though, and you’ve got an even, velvety yet ever so slightly luminous complexion that’s set for the rest of the day without powder. Those with drier skins may still be devoted to her  Light Wonder , but if you’re prone to oiliness, acne and redness, this could indeed be your magic base bullet.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation , £29.50