Will the Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes do for lashes what push-up bras have done for cleavage? Here's what we know ahead of next week's' launch

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There's been a  boom in blockbuster mascaras this summer ; Urban Decay , Hourglass  and Pat McGrath  have all weighed in with new lash-defining formulas and wondrous wands.

And now Charlotte Tilbury is set to join in with her new Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes , £23. It's her third-ever mascara following Full Fat Lashes  and Legendary Lashes , which dropped last year. It's waitlisted now  and you can get your hands on it come 26 August.

Tilbury announced it on Instagram this week, with her usual exuberance: "I have always been OBSESSED with LASHES and I have done a 27-YEAR study of the BEST LASH DNA to create my NEW! Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes mascara!!! "

Quite what that means we don't know, but it's a claim that's as big as the 24-hour vertical lashes that this mascara promises.

With stiff competition in the £20+ mascara arena, what sets it apart? According to Charlotte's teaser its innovation lies in a "BEAUTIFYING FILTER FOR THE LASHES OF YOUR DREAMS!" We wait with interest to see what that could be.

It promises to do everything for all types of lashes apparently – glossy, lifted, defined, strong-looking, stretched, separated, volumised lashes. Phew! And with 'Push Up' giving a nod to underwear with oomph, it sounds like this could be shapewear for eyes.

It's part of the much-loved  Pillow Talk collection  a rosy pink collection, and one of her most popular ranges. It began with the suits-all lip shade and has grown every year to encompass gloss, blusher and highlighter for a sultry, romantic look.

What's the brush like?

We've seen some innovative brushes this year ( Urban Decay Lash Freak , we're looking at you) and Push Up Lashes' brush appears to have a directional design similar to that of Lash Freak, which features a paddle. The brush has two sides to it, a paddle and a comb, for a two-step application process. When your mascara comes with instructions, you know it's going to do something a bit special.

Step one: you use the flat side to load and coat the lashes, holding the brush horizontally and pushing it up through the lashes. This allows you to apply the product right at the base and then lift up the lashes, where the mascara then sets them as it dries. If Lash Freak is anything to go by, paddle-loading the pigment at the root, makes it look like you're wearing a really tightly applied eyeliner or have a double layer of lashes.

Step two: using the bristles, you twist the brush comb through your lashes, wiggling it from side to side, base to tip to separate, lift and define. The bristles are diamond-shaped (of course they are, this is Tilbury) to fan out the lashes.

As soon as it's in, we'll bring you our full review.

Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes launches on 26 August 2020 on CharlotteTilbury.com