Brow Fix and Brow Cheat are joining Charlotte's existing brow offerings to create the Supermodel Brow Kit

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Three-step brow systems are all the rage at the moment; just last week we tried out Refy's three-step offering , £40, and now Charlotte Tilbury has launched one too, adding the new Brow Cheat , £22, a ultra-fine pencil, and Brow Fix , £19, a brow gel to fix hairs in place, to her existing brow products, the double-ended pencil and brush Brow Lift , £22, and her tinting brow gel, Legendary Brows , £19, creating a neat, easy-to-use routine.

To create the three-step routine, you can buy Brow Fix, Legendary Brows and Brow Lift OR Brow Cheat in a set, £57, called the Supermodel Brow Kit,  named because of all the supermodel brows Charlotte has tended to in her 28 years as a makeup artist. Brow Cheat is an ultra-fine pencil for precision filling-in, while Brow Lift is a thicker pomade pencil, so you can choose which suits your brow needs best. Charlotte says the combination of products will create a full, fluffy, feathered and fixed brow look. "It's a modern, flattering brow shape that stays in place all day and will suit everyone. I always say, lift your brows, lift the look of your face."

So what do the new products do? Brow Cheat is an ultra-fine refillable micro-precision pencil. It feathers, defines and fills thin and sparse brows to add shape and definition.  "Brow Cheat mimics natural brow hairs to elongate the brow structure," Charlotte says. "I wanted to make it as fool-proof as possible so that you could have precision application, glide without dragging & colour with no ashy undertones to create the illusion of fuller looking brows."

It comes in Light Blonde, Taupe, Soft Brown, Natural Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black Brown and Natural Black and contains vitamin E to condition the prows and carnauba wax, an emollient which helps the formula glide on.

The second new addition to Charlotte's Brow family is Brow Fix, a clear brow gel for brows that are lacking shape or are unruly. It's a long-lasting clear gel you brush into your brows to fix them in place yet keep them flexible (no sticky, stiff brows here).

No matter if you want to tame your brows or give them some serious, fluffy energy, Charlotte Tilbury has got you covered.

Buy the Supermodel Brow Kit, £57