Christmas Gift Guide: Fit Gifts for Fitness Fanatics

Anna Hunter 26 November 2015
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Christmas Gift Guide: Fit Gifts for Fitness Fanatics

High energy gift giving; sounds exhausting, but it’s easy with a few ideas up your (sweat wicking) sleeve. Buying for a Duracell bunny can seem like a daunting task, but the following should delight amateurs and pro athletes alike, revving them up for the New Year, aiding recovery and ensuring they look slick and chic, even if they’re clocking miles over muddy ground or blasting away the cobwebs at a bootcamp. Or you know, just sitting in the bath. If there’s a designated universal rest day, it’s got to be 25th December…

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Nike Personal Shopping Experience

This gift is could go one of two ways; you can sign yourself up for a shopping experience yourself, curating an on point fitness wardrobe for a much loved lady friend, or you can purchase said shopping extravaganza for a sister, mum or girlfriend to let them choose their own kicks and the like. Either way, fitness and fashion are fused with finesse in these one hour sport and style experiences at London Niketown. Book an appointment with a member of the Nike performance styling team and you’ll have your pick of innovative Nike training, running and sportswear gear, all tailored to each individual’s needs, requirements and personal vibe. Your stylist will talk you through the tools and tech that can help you or your sporty giftee to reach (and exceed) goals, and if trends are your bag, the team are clued up on those too (trainers and evenings gowns are still a thing). Not only will you depart with some very sharp sportswear, you’ll also be treated to a tote bag monogrammed with yours or your recipient's initials, a limited edition Birchbox and a C Press Juice for the road.

Nike Performance Styling appointments take place in hour long slots and are available between 15th December-6th January, excluding Christmas Day and Boxing Day. While the service is exclusively for women, men can participate for female friends and family.

Ensure you secure your appointment in advance by booking at  from 1st December, or simply drop in to NikeTown London from the 10th December to book in person.

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Lucas Hugh Core Performance Leggings in Claret

Short of sipping on a glass of cockle-warming Bordeaux over Christmas, life, or at least the sporting life, doesn’t get more luxurious than slipping on a pair of these wine hued leggings. Expensive yes, but the best grape varieties are of course, and these claret beauties are as flattering, functional and figure enhancing as they are fashion forward. They provide support, ventilation and sweat wicking exactly where required, and the addition of sleek and subtle zip pockets and a smartphone holder makes bum bags and bulky outerwear obsolete. Even if they’re simply lunging around the lounge, these leggings will provide the ultimate in comfort and joy for your resident runner.

Lucas Hugh Core Performance Leggings in Claret , £150

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Adidas StellaSport Tote

IT bags in the gym are a little try hard; blend an eye for design with sporting efficiency and a commitment to conservative costing and you’ll likely end up with something crafted by the marvellous and meticulous Stella McCartney for Adidas. In the case of this StellaSport tote, it’s vibrant but not garish, meaning that your fit friend won’t forget to pick it up in the morning but is also unlikely to blind the neighbours via high vis. It’s a padded, bright bag of pure energy that accommodates an entire kit and also comes complete with a laptop pocket and valuables compartment for peace of mind and additional convenience. Stella may be ‘high fashion’, but this range proves that she’s still got her feet on the ground.

Adidas StellaSport Tote , £37

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Skinnydip Headphones in support of Great Ormond Street

Another high street buy going above and beyond is this pair of very dapper white and gold headphones, the profits of which (at least £10.50 per pair plus VAT) are donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. Designed by the children themselves in a workshop hosted by Skinnydip at the hospital school, the gold and white print is cool and understated with just the right amount of urban bling, and they’re just the thing for brisk walks and weekly weights sessions, not to mention the day to day commute. As gifting goes, this pair of cans really is a win win.

Skinnydip Headphones in Support of Great Ormond Street , £30

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Apple Watch

As active accessories go, it doesn’t get more dynamic or covetable than a wearable in the form of an Apple Watch. If you’re feeling rich and generous, you’ll grant your lucky gym groupie Siri powered workout schedules, a built-in butt kicking Activity App, highly accurate health and fitness monitoring and speed enhancing Apple Pay for when they’re going about their daily business. So much more than a PT, our editor-in-chief Sus refers to it as a ‘stamp sized PA’ . From drinking more water to being mindful on a daily basis, Apple Watch is on it, in a gentle, persuasive and oh so stylish way.

Apple Watch , from £299

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YSL Luxurious Waterproof Mascara

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to futuristic tech but you still want to spoil a sportswoman, a sturdy high end mascara won’t go amiss. This particular model is sooty, glossy and bombshell worthy, and it won’t go awol or off piste during sweaty workouts or rainy runs. In the manner of a sports bra, it holds everything up and in place for as long as is required, and it makes the most of godgiven assets with minimal effort on the wearer’s part. Makeup and marathons needn’t be incompatible, you just need the right kit.

YSL Luxurious Waterproof Mascara , £25

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Mio Liquid Yoga

As a considerate friend and family member, one of the most precious gifts you can give a devout exerciser is to just STOP THE PAIN. Tight muscles, sticky joints and burning glutes can all be the result of a productive workout, but that doesn’t make them any more enjoyable. Ease their aches and twinges with a soothing, warming recovery bath in the form of this mineral rich, therapeutic bath soak. It clears the airways, makes limbs limber once more and almost substitutes for a thorough deep tissue massage. It could prove to be the elixir of life for your everyday athlete; they’ll be rationing every glug until next Christmas.

Mio Liquid Yoga , £26

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The Super Elixir White Edition

Speaking of recovery, if anyone knows about treating one’s body as a temple, it’s the actual Body, veteran supermodel Elle MacPherson. She’s teamed up with top notch scientists at WelleCo to devise a range of alkalising, body and mood balancing supplements, and the most delicious of all is the surprisingly Nesquik-like Nourishing Protein. Far more nutritious and wholesome than a tin of Quality Street, the plant-based, easily digested protein powder will get muscles and mind back on track, with B vits to dissolve stress and digestive enzymes to fast track the metabolism. This Limited Edition White Caddy is very en vogue, and the addition of a cacao lip balm ensures that seasonal chocolate fixes are well and truly satisfied (don’t eat it obvs).

The Super Elixir White Edition , £55