Christmas Gift Guide: The Wishlist for Wellbeing Warriors

Anna Hunter 24 November 2015
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Christmas Gift Guide: The Wishlist for Wellbeing Warriors

Health may be wealth, but putting a little wealth towards one’s health, and the health of the planet, never goes amiss, especially if you’re buying to please someone with seriously impressive clean living credentials (or ambitions). Whether a girlfriend adores natural beauty products, your sister is getting into yoga or your mum is craving a change from her staple hearty cookbooks, there’s something pure, zen and beautiful for everyone in the following eco minded edit…

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W3LL People Beauty Essentials

If you have even any inkling of doubt as to the performance of ‘pure’ vs synthetic makeup, W3LL people will put that ambiguity right to bed. This stuff can rival even the most established of brands; A-list makeup artist and co-founder Shirley Pinkson makes sure of that, having worked with M.A.C and contributed to the global success of Nars before turning her hand to beauty au naturel. Possibly her most impressive feat is masterminding an outstanding natural mascara, a notoriously tricky product to nail in the eco-makeup market, while W3LL People’s Bio Brighteners, Universality Multi Sticks and Bio Extreme Lip Glosses are as epic and radiance enhancing as they sound. For strobing, defining, glossing and capturing the rosy flush of winter walks, even if your green giftee has just been at the mince pies in front of the telly, Beauty Essentials fits the bill.

W3LL People Beauty Essentials , £60

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Aurelia The Jet Set Weekender

Travel sized and stocking filler skincare has never looked so chic, and rarely is it so ethical yet efficient either. The ‘Jet Set’ was made for botanical skincare beginners or busy natural beauty buffs; its sleek packaging will slot nicely into an overnight bag, and the skincare within essentially acts as a probiotic passport to great skin. Once the lucky recipient has dabbled in the cult Miracle Cleanser, Revitalise & Glow Serum, Cell Revitalising Day and Night Creams and Cell Repair Night Oil, they’re unlikely to stray from this scientifically proven, British made and frankly revolutionary range. Then you’re on a roll with the gift giving for years to come…

Aurelia The Jet Set Weekender , £10

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Neom Tranquility™ Sleep™ Gift Collection

If you are indeed buying for a jetsetter, chances are they’ll have accumulated more than a little sleep debt, even if they’ve simply been jetting between parties. Redress the balance with a holistic, sanity restoring sleep set. Within this watercolour box of dreams awaits an instantly calming Tranquility™ Travel Candle, lavender, sweet basil and jasmine rich Intense Night Repair Face, Body & Hair Oil to envelop your loved one in sleepy vibes and lulling Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist. In addition to these 100% natural, essential oil based sleep inducers, this serene stash includes a £25 voucher for an online wellbeing consultation with sleep expert Anandi  to address any emotional or practical issues around sleep and learn the best techniques for zoning out and nodding off. Basically, it’s bliss in a box.

Neom Tranquility™ Sleep™ Gift Collection , £54.95

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Kora Organics Pamper Set

These days supermodels are doubling up as role models rather than rock stars; from Karlie Kloss’ charity range of Kookies to Elle MacPherson’s range of health Welleco health powders, the fashion pack are in general embracing a wholesome rather than hedonistic lifestyle of late. One such lean green goddess is Miranda Kerr, whose Kora Organics range aims to address common skin issues (even supermodels suffer from chronic dryness) using naturally sourced, organic and fairtrade ingredients. The Pamper Set harnesses vitamin C rich rosehip oil, extract of antioxidant Southern Pacific noni fruit and nourishing jojoba to hydrate, smooth and soothe winter skin, all in one package. Natural beauties will sashay into New Year sleek limbed, soft handed and luscious lipped, quite possibly clasping modelling contracts (it’s good stuff).

Kora Organics Pamper Set , £135

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La Vie Boheme Yoga Mat

Miranda et al are also almost all universally partial to a yoga pose or ten, more often than not at sunset on a farflung beach. Drizzly Britain may not bring on the kind of zen feels that Barbados does, but the kind of yoga mat that could double up as a work of art will certainly help matters and put your favourite yogi at peace with their environment, no matter how drab. They’ll whip out their La Vie Boheme model and all will be right with the world. Don’t be surprised if they start using it as a doormat, tablecloth or wall feature; it’s too pretty to pack away in a gym bag.

La Vie Boheme Yoga Mat,  from £89

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Kure Bazaar Nail Polish

Talking of decoration, this non toxic nail polish range adorns fingers and toes with luxe, vibrant, chip resistant colour, and the new range of no less than 15 festive glitters will appeal to teens and elegant elders alike. It’s glitz and glamour without the grim chemicals, and the wheat, cotton and wood pulp based formulas come it at over 85% natural. I’ve particularly fallen for a rose gold shade: Or Rose. This beautiful line up brings a new meaning to green fingered.

Kure Bazaar Nail Polish , £15 each

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Ilia Silken Shadow Sticks

A glimmering, come hither lid is one of the easiest party season looks to create, especially if shadow bullet such as this delivers such arresting colour payoff. Be subtle or sizzle; the shade choice is up to you but the effect is modern and polished across the board. A cocktail of natural oils and butters also cares for delicate skin on the eyelid during wear, while recycled packaging and up to 85% bioactive organic ingredients adds environmental kudos. When it comes to cosmetic allrounders, Ilia is up there.

Ilia Silken Shadow Sticks , £23 each

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Everyday Superfoods by Jamie Oliver

Not exactly a niche wellbeing title (Jamie has so far outsold J.K Rowling), but bear with me, as Jamie is once again bringing his bish-bash-bosh food philosophy to the masses, but this time he embraces a holistic ethos. From realistic, genuinely tempting recipes whipped up from reliably available and affordable wholefoods to advice from health experts on everything from sleep patterns to how to be more productive, Jamie’s gone 360º, and it works. If you live with a reluctant, or on the flipside, fussy, wellness adopter, Jamie will provide a refreshing wake up call, with not a mung bean or motivational mantra to speak of. Get your giftee to make you the Berry Pocket Eggy Bread. Best gift to self ever.

Everyday Superfoods by Jamie Oliver , £11.99