Clean beauty is one of the fastest growing categories in beauty with Net-a-Porter championing luxury beauty brands with a natural and organic approach. With the e-retailer adding another brand to its roster, how can we ensure we are choosing the right brands and the right ingredients?

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If there’s one thing that has been at the forefront of our minds this year it’s certainly sustainability. With the beauty sector generating on average over 120 billion units of packaging waste each year, it comes as no surprise that brands and consumers alike are turning their gaze to more eco-friendly products.

The past week has seen climate change activists line the streets of London calling for the UK government to do more about global warming, while TV broadcaster and historian Sir David Attenborough has issued a warning that if we don’t act now, our planet and our oceans will face irreversible damage.

Clean beauty seems to have generated a bit of buzz this year and while the definition is still unclear, it is still one of the fastest growing categories in beauty. Luxury e-retailer Net-a-Porter launched its Clean Beauty Kit earlier this year featuring 16 of its most popular clean beauty products from top brands such as Susanne Kaufman, Mauli Rituals and Rodin. And now, the luxury site has just added another clean beauty brand to its roster.

One Ocean Beauty was founded by Marcella Cacci in 2018 with one simple mission: to help protect the health of the oceans. But what makes One Ocean Beauty so special? Firstly, the brand has partnered with blue technology labs in Europe to essentially produce clones of marine microorganisms, such as algae, kelp and seaweed rather than extracting it from the ocean, and secondly, it has committed to eliminating 'dirty' ingredients from its formulas, such as GMOs, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, PEGs etc. Its 'blue technology' has been heralded as a breakthrough by producing legitimately clean, clinically-proven and sustainably produced beauty and wellness products.

It has just launched exclusively on Net-a-Porter featuring a five-piece kit comprising of a face mist cleanser, moisturiser, eye cream, serum and marine collagen supplement tablets. The formulas are said to be high-performing and non-toxic, while the packaging is completely recyclable. The replenishing deep sea moisturiser, for example, contains marine actives such as algae to protect the skin against irritation and dryness as well as hydrolised soy protein to keep the skin moisturised. Each product also contains marine collagen, an essential protein that provides elasticity to the skin.

The One Ocean Beauty Skin System is available exclusively at Net-a-Porter and, £235 for a 5-piece kit.