For makeup that looks like it took hours but in reality took less than a minute, colour-flip chrome shadows need to be on your radar

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Every so often you scroll past a makeup look on Instagram that makes you pause your busy thumbs and really take notice. Colour flip eyeshadows do exactly that; in oil-spill or peacock feather hues (think purple, green and pink all mingling together), these shade-shifting chrome shadows offer a multi-tonal look without hours of blending.

“Colour flip eyeshadows pigments are so visually striking that they stop you in your tracks; they’re like metallics on acid,” says makeup artist  Lisa Caldognetto . “The beauty of this trend is that the clever pigments do all the hard work for you. It's eye makeup that looks like you spent hours applying it when in fact it takes minutes to pop on.”

Image: Ciate London

Pat McGrath’s Divine Rose II palette  features Sextraterrestrial, a mesmerising medley of fuschia, golden peach and greeny-yellow chartreuse, while Ciate’s Shadow Flip  just-launched collection of three liquid eyeshadows offers pink to green, orange to green and green to purple.

Revolution also got in on the act, serving up colour shifting pigment in one swipe with the XXcharged Duo Chrome Liquid Eyeshadows .

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MUA Katie Jane Hughes has shown off her colour-flip shadow skills with ocean blue shades, while celebrity makeup artist Nikki Makeup created a dramatic shadow outline with colour-flip shades.

Who suits colour flip shadows?

This is one trend we can all wear. “Bold, vibrant colours are great at brightening up the face, meaning this is a universal trend,” says Ciate London founder Charlotte Knight. “This looks particularly amazing on black skin due to the high shine and contrasting colours,” adds Lisa.

How to wear colour-flip shadows

With an eye makeup look this bold, Charlotte suggests paring everything else back. A natural-looking base and neutral lips will leave your eyes to be the centre of attention.

“If this trend scares you opt for wearing the shades as an eyeliner or go for opal-like softer colours, such as the Stila Shade Mystere Liquid Eyeshadows (see below) to dip your toe in. Apply a small amount at the inner corner or centre of the eyelid,” Lisa advises.

Application is a doddle; as many colour flip eyeshadows are liquid they don’t need a base, just swipe on and go. If you’re wearing a powder shade, such as Pat McGrath’s, Lisa recommends spritzing your brush with MAC Prep + Prime Fix + , pick up the pigment with your brush and apply. Wait for it to dry and blend the edges.

Colour flip eyeshadows to buy now

Pat McGrath’s Divine Rose II, £115

Expensive considering it only has one shade-shifter (bottom row, second right) in the line-up but it’s more than worth it for the out of this world colour payoff and the beautiful warm plummy neutrals in the rest of the palette.  The shades are all very rich and work best applied with fingers then blended in with a brush. Mary Greenwell raved about the colour-flip hue on IGTV, commenting how wearable the petrol shade is: “The effect is amazing, it’s less scary than you imagine; it’s extraordinary how it becomes less green once it’s on your eyes," she said.

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Ciate Shadow Flip, £18 each

For an instant multi-chrome effect these are your go-to whether you’re after a rich metallic look or a soften golden style.

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Revolution XXcharged Duo Chrome Liquid Eyeshadows, £10 each

Available in green pink, purple and orange these give 3d shimmer with low effort and for an affordable price point. Lucky, because we want them all!

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Karla Cosmetics Multi Chrome eyeshadows, £17.50 each

MUA Karla offers chrome eyeshadows in both pressed and loose pigment formulas, depending on how adept you are at working with eye makeup. Lisa’s favourites are Lullaby, a purple to green to navy hue, Slumber Party a violet. navy and pink shade shifter and Snooze, a green pink and orange pigment.

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Stila Shade Mystere Liquid Eyeshadow, £24 each

For a more laidback take on the colour flip trend, Stila’s eight liquid eyeshadows blend pearly pigments together for opal effects. We love Mythical (bottom left) a lilac with blue flip pearl.

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