What does a member of lipstick royalty have on their desktop? We caught up with the founder of Lipstick Queen, Poppy King to find out...

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With more than 25 years in the cosmetics business, Poppy King, the brains behind one of our all-time favourite makeup brands, Lipstick Queen, knows what it takes to make a dream into a reality.

Designing lipsticks from the age of 18, her quest to find the perfect lipstick led her to the position of Vice President of Color Development for one of the world’s biggest beauty companies, and ultimately, to fulfilling her lifelong goal of creating her own lip brand. And boy, are we glad she did. Her range of lipsticks has won fans the world over thanks to their punchy pigment, beautiful textures, nourishing formulations and the most luxurious of casings.

Voted a Global leader of the New Millennium by Time Magazine and having been invited to speak at the Women’s Wear Daily Beauty Summit, suffice to say Poppy’s had the type of career that most in the industry aspire to. We caught up with the successful beauty entrepreneur to find out about the ins and outs of her working day and her desktop secrets to help provide some inspiring working day inspiration.

GTG: What app/s can you not live without?

PK:  BUDDHIFY . It’s a meditation app and I use it every morning.

GTG: What’s in your bookmark bar?

PK: I don’t bookmark anything - I am still an old-fashioned print gal and read magazines and books in print.

GTG: What’s on your real-life desktop?

PK: I keep it very clean with just mainly folders of inspirational images and artists that I love such as Man Ray and Tamara de Lempicka.

GTG: Deskside snack?

PK: Whole Foods raw almonds.

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GTG: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest and why?

PK: I don’t really use any of them. Like I said, I am still very 20th century; but out of all of those I think Instagram is my favourite because it is the most visual.

GTG: Tea or coffee or water or what?!

PK: Lots of water, coffee when I need a boost and Yogi green tea , £2.29, when I’m being healthy.

GTG: What sort of chair do you sit on?

PK: I work from a table that is actually a dining table and I sit on a dining chair which keeps my posture very upright.

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GTG: Standing desk or sitting?

PK: Sitting, although I do get up from my desk a lot as I believe in keeping it moving and not sitting for too long.

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