Music, MAC and maquillage: the pop powerhouse talks all things beauty and base with us...

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Singer, songwriter, chart-topper and now M·A·C collaborator - from music to makeup, it looks like Ellie Goulding has the Midas touch.

Bold, modern and eclectic with an ethereal twist, the 18 piece range is distinctly Ellie from finish to packaging to the product names. Highlights include the all-encompassing Halcyon Nights Full Face Kit , the blue-pink and gold Pink Rebel Lustre Drops , the futuristically crafted I’ll Hold My Breath Powder Blush  and the glossy sandy Explosion Plushglass , all merging light and dark expertly to combine traditional with the more daring in a wholly wearable but interesting way.

So what does mac-quillage mean to Ellie? We found out...

1. Could you tell us how the collaboration with M·A·C came about?

I’ve been a fan of M·A·C for years and my makeup artist Lucy’s kit is filled with M·A·C products. It is such an inclusive brand and I was so flattered when they approached me to collaborate on a collection. M·A·C has a long history of supporting the music community so it felt like a perfect fit for me!

2. What is your signature beauty look?

When I perform I go for a more metallic look – shimmer on my eyes and cheeks, and I always add more lashes. I love lashes, like the #30 lash in my collection. I never really go crazy with makeup though. I like a natural look but you can be fresh and glowy and still look striking. My off-duty beauty look is a bit lighter. I always go for a bit of concealer with mascara and a lip gloss. I don’t like my makeup to look or feel heavy.

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3. What is your earliest memory of wearing makeup? How has your look changed over the years? What is it that drew you to M·A·C?

From a very early age I remember watching my mom put on lipstick at our house and reapplying it in the car mirror. She did her makeup really well. I also recall the tea cups around our house always had lipstick marks on them.

I first started wearing makeup at about 13 years old. I had a gothic look back in the day. It was quite striking. I couldn’t really afford my own makeup when I was young so I would wear the same lipstick as my mom or sister. I would use it on my eyes, lips and cheeks. As I got older and began working with Lucy about 6 years ago, I’ve learned what’s right for my skin and face. It just takes time and experience. It’s a case of trial and error. We’ve gone through lots of different looks over the past few years and now I think we’ve got to a point, both of us together, where we know what looks work best for me.

4. Could you describe your involvement in picking the products, shades and packaging for the collection? What was your favourite part?

I have always dreamed about having my own makeup collection and if I was going to do it, the only brand I would want to do it with is M·A·C. I relied on Lucy a lot when creating the collection. We talk about makeup all the time and have always dreamed of having a makeup collection. Now we do and it’s so surreal! It’s so cool to see all these things in my own collection that I genuinely use every day. We worked very closely with the creative and product development teams at M·A·C. They truly wanted it to be MY collection.

I don’t wear makeup every day and, when I do, I don’t necessarily wear a lot of it. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still be passionate about the smaller and more subtle things. That’s why Lucy and I chose products and shades that were versatile and multifunctional. I wanted a collection that you could play with and layer a bit more so you could do something more natural for the day or more extreme for the night – whatever you want for whatever kind of person you are. And, because I’m such a nerd, I wanted a bit of practicality as well. I love the idea of practicality and not having to have a million things in your handbag.

5. What is the one makeup product you can’t live without? Why?

Definitely powders. My skin tends to be oilier, especially when I’m travelling, and is very fair. Powders work best for my skin. I have one opportunity during my set to walk off stage for a touch up and I always use a powder at that time.

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6. How does your beauty style compare or contrast to your fashion style?

With both fashion and beauty, I’ve genuinely discovered the power of confidence. It’s amazing how the feeling of confidence can affect how you are, how you project certain things and overall how you look. Some days I’ve worn no makeup and I don’t feel remotely insecure at all. It’s interesting because that wouldn’t be the same back in the day. I was still naïve and thought I had to impress people and wear a certain thing or a certain amount of makeup to be noticed. I think I’ve genuinely discovered this power of acceptance and having a bit more love for myself.

The M·A·C Ellie Goulding collection is available from  and is set to launch into more stores around the UK later this month.

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