The latest launch from Estee Lauder is inspired by old Hollywood and is housed in the most gorgeous marble and rose gold packaging

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We know it’s early to say this, but we think we might have found the most Instagrammable makeup collection of 2020. Housed in millennial-friendly rose gold and marble with touches of art-deco elegance, the eight-piece range is exactly what your grid has been crying out for.

Launched on Sunday (5 January), the latest drop from Estee Lauder was created in collaboration with Estee Lauder’s great-granddaughter, 26-year-old actress Danielle Lauder. The collection is named Act IV , a cinematic reference to Danielle as the fourth-generation of the Lauder family, as well as a nod to her career as an actress.

The whole collection is inspired by Old Hollywood glamour - think the porcelain skin and bold lips of the early days of cinema and you'll be along the right lines.

The packaging harks back to the heydays of cinema too, with a vintage-style illustration of Danielle on the palette and a highlighter that delivers flashbacks to the art deco era.

As well as looking straight out of an influencer's feed, what else is there to know about the collection?

Face-wise, it holds host to a lightweight liquid primer, Cinemattic Complexion Liquid , £46, Spotlight Highlighter , £43, and loose powder Party Puff Starlucent Filtered Powder , £43.

It also comprises of a £43 multi-look palette  dubbed Best Picture and a makeup brush kit , 64. For the lips there’s the Lip Duet Tint & Balm , £37 and a Lip Creme , £34.

While we’d happily add the whole lot to our basket on Sunday when it launches on Harrods  and , our January budget says otherwise, meaning we’ve whittled our purchasing down to just three items.

Cinemattic Complexion Liquid, £46

We were won over as soon as we saw this, but it helps that the makeup inside is just as lovely as the packaging. It’s an ultra-light translucent complexion liquid that smoothes lines and blurs pores for a silver-screen worthy matte finish. Apply under makeup and you’ll be HD ready in a matter of moments - very necessary since everyone got phones with super high quality (read unforgiving cameras) for Christmas.

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Spotlight Highlighter, £43

We’re suckers for an unusual looking highlighter, and the lavender and golden honey tones in this appealed no end. They weave together beautifully to give a marble effect, given a sun-kissed warmth to our drab-winter skin.

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Lip Duet Tint & Balm, £37

We haven’t loved a duo this much since Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling lit up the screen in La La Land, and this double-sided duo is every bit as enchanting as their performance. One ends is a nourishing balm and the other is a softly tinted blush that delivers a healthy touch of colour. We love.

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