Hector Espinal knows what Ri Ri loves (and what she doesn’t). We met him for a makeover to chat the new Get Hotter collection, Fenty’s launch into Boots and what Rihanna wears day in, day out

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The first thing that occurs on meeting global makeup artist for Fenty Beauty  (and Rihanna’s personal MUA) Hector Aspinal  is that his eyelashes are out of this world. Long and artfully curled without being too bushy or ponylike, they’re the kind of lashes I’d Pin and then go on some kind of lash bar crusade to achieve. He hadn’t even “stretched them out” that morning either - just applied lashings of mascara. Speaking of which, there’s no mascara in the Fenty repertoire as yet, so here’s hoping he was using a prototype of that, because if so we are all in for a treat in the lashland. But we’re not here to discuss fantasy Fenty arrivals, because there’s a hot new collection splayed on the table in front of me and it’s looking like a bit pile of fun, which is pretty much how Hector sums it up too.

Before we spill the (Fent) tea on Rihanna’s beauty habits, I’ll get my makeup megaphone out for a beauty PSA : Fenty is now available in  Boots  as of today. It technically only launches into 32 stores, but you can order anything online (as long as it’s not sold out and we’re not making any promises there) and use the ‘order and collect’ service to bag yourself some Body Lava  or anything else that takes your Fenty fancy. Order online by 8pm and it’ll be waiting for you at your selected store by noon the next day. Given that most of us are within ten minutes of a Boots store at any given moment, Rihanna is officially making her makeup available to the masses, and her new Getting Hotter collection could be considered to be a cosmetic fireworks display to celebrate that. It’s certainly bright. We’ll let Hector take it from here…

It’s been hard to keep this one a secret

“I’ve had to keep this launch under wraps for so long and it has been HARD. I’ve been watching my kit like a hawk to make sure that nothing falls out and gets leaked. We like to launch limited edition collections that are a real ‘pop of colour’ moment and this is that - the types of products that could become collector’s items. This one is fun, innovative and daring, and who knows, maybe one day it’ll come back and be part of the permanent Fenty family. For now, it’s brash and extravagant."

Latex lips are a ‘look’

“The seven Poutsicle Juicy Satin Lipsticks, £18 each, are summery colours, sure, but they deliver such a strong finish - they have a latex kind of effect once on. They’re very hydrating and high shine but they also have heaps of pigment. We’ve got your more traditional red, a brilliant orange (great oranges are actually really hard to find) and then the Fenty staple - blue lipstick. Obviously the blue options probably aren’t for the office (also if someone asks what shade you’re wearing that’ll be ‘Go Deep’ which probably isn’t what you want to be telling your boss). You could definitely wear a light wash of the orange if you’re after a twist on something more traditional though - it looks really gorgeous on most skintones. The pink and soft lavender are great for daytime too- combine with a soft eye makeup look or wear a lip by itself for the easiest makeup ever.”

They look hot on every skintone, obviously

“You really don’t need to apply much to get a look going on. It looks like you’ve applied a gloss over the top of them when you haven’t too, and if you do layer them you get a luminous, intense effect. Unlike other shiny lipsticks, they don’t move once they’re on either. The colour stays true on a really wide range of skintones, which is what we’ve all come to expect from Fenty of course.”

Rihanna just made lip scrub sexy

“Fenty has recently gone into skincare but we’ve always had hydration at the heart of product development - even the Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick , £16, has a supple feel and moves with the lips rather than tugging. It never feels dry which is quite a feat for matte lipstick. Rihanna, and by default Fenty, has really become known for a strong lip offering, so it made sense that we extend into lip care too. Hence, we have the new Pro Kiss’r Lip-Loving Lip Scrub which is so easy to use. It’s non-messy, you don’t need to dip your finger into anything - just apply from the bullet and rub of the excess. It’s a very fine scrub so leaves lips soft and smooth but you don’t get those huge flakes of dead skin coming off - Rihanna kept tweaking the formula to avoid that. She wanted it to be sexy! Obviously, because lips are her thing. Lip care and prep was a no-brainer.

“To follow up we have the new Pro Kiss’r Liscious Lip Balm to seal in moisture. You can do double duty and apply them before putting on your lipstick for the day or at nighttime after you’ve taken your makeup off to soften lips for the next day (or both).”

...because lips are her thing

“You rarely see Rihanna in a bold eye really, unless it’s for an editorial shoot or a video. Her everyday look is a subtle eye with a liner and lipstick as her accessory. She uses it to reflect her mood and it’s become part of Fenty’s DNA too. It’s her means of expressing herself through makeup. Sometimes people ask why we have so many crazy lip colours but if you think about Rihanna she’s a true chameleon - she can pick up anything and make it work. Our brand needs to present that sense of fun and confidence too. Purple is her favourite colour, reds are a must-have and navy has become such a Fenty thing. Fans would go mad if it disappeared. Basically, Rihanna is obsessed with lips. Which makes sense because she has the most beautiful lips. Just look at that cupid’s bow..."

Three’s a trend

“The three Vivid Liquid Eyeliner Trios, £27 each were created because we wanted a really high pigment liquid liner option. We’ve combined three liners to keep it cohesive - you can mix, match and play. Rihanna wore the white one for the Louis Vuitton show in Paris recently and everyone asked her about it - it comes out really bright on the skin. You can create a cool graphic effect - just paint a clean line on your lid and team with a balm. If you are an artsy person, try floating liner or wearing more than one at once. It's almost summer so I think we're all ready for some playtime.”