Having searched high and low we think we might have finally found the best volumising mascara, ever...

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When it comes to mascara  I’ve always taken a ‘the more the better’ approach, favouring lashings of dark, dramatic liquid over the more au-naturel look. Not fake though - just brilliantly bold. And, up until now, most of the ones I’ve tried that have claimed to ‘lengthen and lift lashes to new heights’ have fallen flat and provided nothing more than a temporary oomph before shortly crumbling away. This time however, I feel I might finally have found ‘the one’. The mascara to beat all mascaras - the mascara that does everything it promises to do - and more. Lash lovers everywhere, let me introduce you to Guerlain’s Maxi Lash So Volume Mascara.

A slightly more sophisticated variation of Guerlain's typical mascara, this highly pigmented jet black beauty delivers incredible instant volume like no other - thanks in large part to the fine elastomer brush, which weaves in to catch and precisely coat each individual lash - even the shortest and those at the very corners of the eye, delivering a curve that eyelash curlers only dream to create.

Meanwhile, the velvety formula that’s infused with a conditioning action works to protect the lashes while added adhesive oils also help to  prevent any running or smudging  - meaning once your lashes are coated - blood, sweat and tears won’t dampen their drama.

The finished result? Longer, thicker and darker lashes than ever before - not to mention a drawer full of redundant false eyelashes.

Guerlain Maxi Lash So Volume Mascara, £24.50,  buy online

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