We caught up with the Wonder Woman actress to ask her about her beauty bag, favourite workouts and body confidence

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A cursory glance at Israeli actress Gal Gadot’s credentials, and it’s clear that the casting execs for Wonder Woman - the film which has smashed records as the highest grossing female-directed film of all time - couldn't have found a more worthy person for the job.

Winner of Miss Israel in 2004 and a former dancer, Gal has the delicate bone structure and athletic yet slender build of an haute couture model but this exquisite thespian also happens to be a bit of a badass. Yes, that’s right a badass.

Gadot is a motorcycle enthusiast (she owns a 2006 Ducati Monster-S2R), who served as a soldier in the Israel Defence Forces for two years and has a strong affinity for water sports and the great outdoors - GTG’s idea of an exemplary modern woman. Strong while feminine, confident yet graceful, it’s no surprise that fashion and beauty powerhouse Gucci agrees. Back in 2015, Gadot was named as the face of Gucci’s fragrance Bamboo, a sandalwood, vanilla, orange blossom and ylang-ylang blend, and we caught up with the actress to ask her about her beauty essentials, favourite ways to exercise and secrets to body confidence...

GTG: What’s the best beauty tip you’ve ever received and who gave it to you?

GG: I don't like to wear heavy makeup during the day but sometimes when we shoot outside on sets you need to wear a lot of makeup, and it doesn't always hold. A makeup artist who I work with in Israel sprays some Evian water on me and that always boosts all the makeup.

GTG: Can you take us through your morning and evening skincare regime?

GG: I always use La Mer skincare products. So I wake up in the morning, I wash my face, I apply moisturizer, and that's basically it.  For me the main thing is to keep my skin hydrated. When I go to bed I make sure that I take off all my makeup and hydrate my skin again. It's always about clean skin and hydrated skin for me.

GTG: What products are always in your makeup bag?

GG: In my bag I always have the Gucci Opulent Volume Mascara  and Audacious Color-Intense Lipstick in Iconic Red , Gucci Golden Glow Bronzer in Indian Sand 030  and Mac Powder Blush in Peaches . I always use the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream  when I travel - around the nose and if I have dry lips.

GTG: How important is having a signature fragrance and what do you look for in a fragrance?

GG: For me, fragrance is the first impression that we make on people because before you're even introducing yourself I can smell you. I really like to have my own signature scent, and that's why I always use the same perfume - so people know me by the way I smell. I know that there are people who wear one perfume during the day and a different perfume during the night but for me when one works, it works.

GTG: What is your attitude towards health and fitness?

GG: Well my mom is a gymnastics instructor so growing up I always knew that sports was very, very important. I'm a foodie and I like to explore different types of foods but I also look at food as fuel and I want the best fuel for my body. So, I try to eat as healthy as I can but I also don't restrict myself from eating burgers or chocolate or ice cream.

GTG: Being fit, strong and healthy is obviously very important to you. What does your fitness regime currently comprise of and how does that differ from how it used to be?

GG: Well my background is very rich with sports.  Growing up I was a dancer for 12 years and I used to play basketball, tennis, dodgeball, volleyball – I was always outside playing and doing active things. Now with Wonder Woman I have to train a lot, and I do different things like martial arts. But for me when it's out of work I really enjoy paddleboarding because I love the ocean, and TRX.

GTG:  We love how you look so comfortable in your own skin. What are your top tips for body confidence?

GG: Wow – thank you.  I think that once you feel good in your own skin, then your posture is different and you just feel good in your space, you know?  But before anything else I think that it's being confident with who you are and just feeling good about yourself.

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