Updated, new and improved, the bestselling volumising brow-booster returns with a refreshed formula and some welcome extras

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As far as brow products go, Benefit’s Gimme Brow is a firm favourite among the team. Budgeproof and foolproof, it’s one of those rare finds that we’d be genuinely disappointed should it be discontinued - a scenario that we had a glimpse of last year when the brand recalled large batches after finding that they’d fallen short of their stringent quality standards. However, the much-loved brow-booster’s back with a new name, Gimme Brow+, and some tweaks that make it more impressive than before.

They haven’t tinkered with it too much (I mean, why mess with a good thing?), just mainly subtly refreshed its volumising prowess while ensuring that it still retains its water-resistancy and the tiny microfibre tech that made it so effective in the first place. Extremely lightweight, its gel-like-formula adds shape and fullness to brows without weighing them down, and its precision applicator's just as brilliant as ever for keeping brow brushing and volumising endeavours mess and stress-free. While my brows are definitely on the thick side, they are getting a little thinner in the inner corners - patchiness that the new launch was able to impressively cover up.

Its most noteworthy upgrade though is its shade extension - it’ll soon be available in five further colours to make its offering a lot more inclusive. We’ll have to wait until June unfortunately though to get our hands on them. The new additions will include:

- 2, for warm golden blonde brows

- 3.5 for warm auburn brown brows

- 4 for warm deep brown brows

- 4.5 for neutral deep brown brows and;

- 6 for warm black-brown brows

Back with a vengeance with some welcome enhancements, Gimme Brow 2.0 looks likely to follow in the footsteps of its hugely successful predecessor.

Benefit Gimme Brow+, £20.50 is available to buy online here

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