Get set for Glossier Play - here’s how it’s about to shake up your makeup

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Glossier  is the makeup brand for skincare nuts - from the sheer Perfecting Skin Tint foundation  to the transparent Cloud Paint blusher , the cosmetic aesthetic has been low key, fresh and “no makeup makeup” since day dot. As of today, however, that’s all set to change, at least where colour is concerned. Glossier Play just dropped, and it brings four new products in 28 shades to your dressing table, with two makeup tools that sound more like badass Bond villains than your run of the mill applicator.

Glossier Play has been two years in the making and aims to “breathe excitement back into your makeup routine”, and as you’ll discover the slick community focused brand isn’t going big on staples such as liquid liner  or nude eye palettes - as the name suggests the new offering is a bit more exuberant than that. Here’s what you can add to your basket as of now…

Colorslide Technogel Eye Pencil, £13

Shades: 14, both matte and metallic ranging from a very delicious sounding metallic jam (Magic Carpet) to a more everyday deep indigo (Adult Swim).

Despite the name, this apparently isn’t sliding anywhere - it’s built to last all day and night, glide on without snagging and the matte shades promise to last in your waterline for eight hours, which seems pretty wondrous to me so I shall report back there.

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Blade, £4

Ah yes, the Bond villain of your makeup bag. Blade is a pencil sharpener that gets sh*t done, or at least it’ll sharpen your eye and lip liners neatly and catch the shavings afterwards so that they don’t migrate all over your bathroom. It also comes with a techie sounding thermoplastic cleaning stick to get rid of any pigment residue, meaning that you can switch between liner shades without any colour transfer from your sharpener. Some might consider this a niche requirement, but it shows they’ve put the hours in in R&D.

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Glitter Gelée, £12

Shades: Four very opulent sounding options - a metallic gunmetal flecked with platinum (Bijoux Bijoux), a pearly shade with holographic specks (Phantasm), a gold glimmer with a hint of chartreuse (Glass Bonsai) and an iridescent rose gold (Firewalk).

This is makeup for your inner five year old. It’s jewel-like glitter suspended in a stay-put transparent gel that has 12 hours on the clock, or so we’re told, which is impressive for a normally flighty makeup category.

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The Detailer, £6 (or get it for £2 when purchased with Glitter Gelée)

A purpose designed applicator for your glitter eye gel. It’s a step up from finger painting in the precision that it allows, but you’ll fare just as well with a ring finger if you’re not too bothered about colouring between the lines, so to speak.

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Vinylic Lip, £14

Shades: Six, from a bold red (Baby) to a dark taupe (Pony).

It’s a lipgloss, but far more extra. The high-shine shades are applied with a click-pen style cushion applicator and the Glossier team promises that they won’t feather or leave behind any “extra goop”. They’re buildable if you like a full, more opaque finish or you can just slide one on for a more sheer daytime vibe.

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Niteshine, £17

Shades: Four, which isn’t half bad for a highlighter. Molten Umber is a deep bronze, Deep Copper does what it says on the tin, Platinum Rose is your pink tinted option and Pale Pearl is the one for champagne highlighter lovers.

Described as a “highlighter concentrate”, this intense liquid highlighter isn’t here to play, despite the name. It’s more impactful than the likes of barely there Haloscope  and features a doe-footed applicator so that you get it exactly where you want it.

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The whole playground, £53

Get all four of the above, in your chosen shades, alongside Blade and The Detailer while saving £13 in the process. They’re savvy this Glossier lot.

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In addition to the playful aspect, all products are cruelty-free while all except Vinylic Lip are  vegan . We’re told that there’s much more to come on the Glossier ‘Playlist’ in future but this colourful quartet should whet your appetite…

The major change that Glossier just made to their base range

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