We're adopting a more planet-friendly beauty and wellness routine, investing in brands with sustainability at their core. From mono-dosing skincare that cuts down on product waste, to clever refill initiatives that mean you reuse your packaging - there's no reason to feel guilty about the contents of your bathroom cabinet

Any products in this article have been selected editorially however if you buy something we mention, we may earn commission

These products have been chosen by our editorial team. If you buy something we recommend we may earn a small affiliate commission.

In an ideal world, every day would be Earth Day, but it's the small steps we take towards sustainability that guarantee a happier planet in the future. In lay terms, doing something is better than nothing, and if that something happens to be a more eco-friendly beauty routine, then you're doing your bit! These are the products we rate, not just for how they make us look and feel, but for the impact they have on our planet...

The natural fragrance: Altra Skin, £168 (50ml) and Preview Set,  £30, redeemable against purchase

“How do you create a high-end genderless fragrance out of entirely natural materials? That’s the challenge perfume creator Beckielou Brown and friend Bridget Plant set themselves and the result is Altra, a collection of five refillable EDPs in a touchable travel-friendly bottle. Each one reflects a scent mood; if you love Diptyque, Aesop and Escentric Molecules, this is one for your radar.

“My pick is Altra Skin, which smells like your skin only better and is different on everyone. Use it alone for a subtle hint of specialness or as a grounding base layer. I like to add Stone Cold Heart, an intense herby matcha (it’s very green, so careful not to get it on your clothes). Natural scents behave a little differently and do smell more alcoholic in the first minute or so, but your patience will be rewarded. Start with the £30 discovery 'Preview' set to find your fit. The cost is redeemable against a full-size bottle, which comes in a recycled paper box with an aluminium refill.” Victoria Woodhall GTG editorial director

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The chic natural deodorant: Sans Natural Deodorant Starter Kit , £30

“I consider myself a natural deodorant aficionado –  I've tried dozens – and most recently I've got my mitts (pits!) on this chic contender. When I spotted the minimalist packaging I immediately eyed it up for my bathroom shelf. The refillable capsule is made of aluminium and comes in three colours and scents. They all sounded delicious, but I opted for Pinacea, which has subtle notes of rose, mandarin, cedarwood, and geranium. It’s a unisex offering, which means I’m at risk of my other half sneakily using it when I’m not looking, but they say sharing is caring, right? The texture, scent and odour control are up there with other natural deodorant leaders  on the market, but the uber-cute packaging sways it for me. It's pricey, yes, but subscribing makes it cheaper, and you pay £7.50 for future refills.” Catherine Fulwood, GTG commercial manager

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The hair shine dream booster: Innersense I Create Shine, £40

"When we invited Innersense founders Greg and Joanne Starkman to host our   Healthy Hair online masterclass  earlier this year with (take a look at our upcoming  events ) it was clear just how passionate and knowledgeable they were about making haircare - something we wash into the environment possibly more than anything else - planet and people-friendly.

"Their interest in clean beauty started when their baby daughter Morgan was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. They started buying organic food and reading labels and realised that as hairstylists that they, and their clients, were exposed to many chemicals within the salon environment. As a result, Innersense organic haircare was born. Certified B Corp, the brand meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance from sustainable packaging to ethical ingredients and supporting eco initiatives around the world. It's no wonder that A-listers such as Lizzo and beauty editors alike love the brand. The products really do work. For the past month, I’ve been reaching for their latest launch, a lightweight and high shine finishing serum. Suitable for all hair types, including my textured hair, it locks in moisture and controls frizz - a brilliant discovery." Jemma Thompson, GTG Design and Social Media Manager

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The best for a bouncy blow-dry: KMS Conscious Style Multi-Benefit Spray, £21

“Hair styling products that keep your hair in place without leaving a horrible crispy feeling are hard to come by. This 'multi-benefit' styler from salon performance brand KMS works in three ways: as a styling spray for wet hair, a finishing 'hold' spray for dry hair and a heat protector. It's part of the brand's new 'Conscious Style' range which uses 98 per cent natural ingredients that are 97 per cent biodegradable. Sustainability points also go to the packaging, which is made up of 53 per cent recyclable materials. I used this on freshly-washed hair in preparation for heat styling and it cut my blow-dry time in half, reducing frizz and leaving me with shiny, bouncy hair that lasted me through to the next morning. As well as long-lasting hold, it left my hair with a refreshing cucumber scent - perfect for those manic days when you have back-to-back meetings!” Amy Rostas, GTG Beauty and Social Media Assistant

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The SOS elixir for irritated skin: Ren Clean Skincare Evercalm Barrier Support Elixir, £44

“'Barrier support' is being buzzed about in beauty right now, but it's something I've been borderline obsessed with for years, ever since I obliterated my own with daily high-strength glycolic acid. This science-driven formula is exactly what I've been looking for – a fragrance-free, cosseting and repairing oil that doesn't leave a greasy layer like so many rich creams and balms do. I find it works well as an SOS product – like pressing CTRL-ALT-DELETE on my skin when it's feeling particularly irritated. It also gets to work long-term, thanks to microbiome-friendly ingredients, with clinical trials showing it can help strengthen the barrier in just 14 days. Used nightly, it keeps the skin on my face feeling balanced, calm and comfortable, enabling it to tolerate more actives, particularly retinol. On the eco front? REen is a sustainability stalwart, mainly due to its packaging innovation. It's a zero-waste brand, which means all packaging is recycled, recyclable or reusable, including the glass bottle this little gem comes in.” Amber Voller, GTG contributor

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The refillable travel set:  Fiils Travel Washbag with Copper Minis Set, £22

“I'm a stickler for decent luggage and travel accessories. When it comes to travel minis, I can't bear those awful plastic bottles that take Herculean strength to get one drop of product out of but are happy to leak all over the place during the flight. With great delight, I've discovered Fiils, the climate-positive brand behind the sleek aluminium bottles and refill pouches. They have just launched this new travel kit, a recycled travel wash bag with four reusable aluminium bottles in your choice of rose gold, copper or silver. With the option of an aluminium top or reusable pump, the bottles are labelled for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and body lotion (Pomelo is my favourite - a refreshing grapefruit). Nothing quite makes your hotel room, chalet bathroom or sun-soaked villa feel like a home as much as your own aesthetically-pleasing products with eco creds too.” Hattie Sloggett, GTG contributor

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The iconic red lippy: La Perla Beauty, Poppy Red Matte Silk Lipstick, £47

“At the beginning of 2022, I made a pledge to wear red lipstick every day. On this journey, I discovered the brilliance of the La Perla's Poppy Red lipstick and fell for its Hollywood-inspired bold hue. The iconic Italian lingerie brand launched into beauty last year with its sustainable range of refillable products. Their lipsticks are designed to be cherished rather than chucked, and looking at the packaging they've achieved just that. They are beautifully crafted, with a fluted garnet-red base and rose-gold tube that can be easily replenished with a pop-in refill. The formula is long-lasting, too, staying put most of the day (depending on what I ate and drank, of course!). The pigments are rich and the finish is matte and silky. Plus, it's free from perfume, made without talc, parabens or silicones, and is also vegan and gluten-free. Is there a box it doesn't tick?” Marie Louise Pumfrey, GTG contributor

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The 'mono-dose' skincare brand: Wô Skincare Daily Base Comfort Balm, £30 for 28 x 2ml doses

“Reducing one-use plastic is a hugely important goal for the beauty industry, but I’ve always felt that’s kind of out of our hands as consumers, and up to the brands to fix. Being less wasteful, however, is something we can all improve on. Wô is a Korean 'mono-dosing' skincare subscription that delivers the exact amount of product you need straight through your letterbox. I’m talking about simple, peel-back foils that give you a blob of product at a time, and can be disposed of in your regular recycling once empty. It’s super easy to get on board with – you just use their online diagnostic tool to work out your skincare prescription, then sit back and wait for the postie to arrive. Don’t LOVE the product that arrives? Oh well, at least you didn’t invest in a huge bottle that’ll never get used. I love the Comfort Balm because it’s a bit of a multitasker packed with fermented shiunko, an anti-inflammatory Korean herb, rejuvenating lemon fruit flower, plus barrier-boosting ceramides and squalane. I always pack it when I need to travel light because it doubles up as a cream cleanser as well as a leave-on hydrator.” Cassie Powney, GTG contributor

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The hair strengthening prewash: Earth Kind Elasticity Bar , £12.50

“As someone who suffers from thinning and breakage-prone hair, an elasticizing pre-wash conditioner is a must. This is the first one I've seen in bar form and it prompted great excitement and rave customer reviews when it launched recently – and quickly sold out – on Victoriahealth.com (it’s back in stock now). As well as being waterless and travel-friendly, it has serious expert creds. The brand was created by trichologist Tony Maleedy, a champion of the bottle-to-bar movement.

“You rub the bar in wet hands to create a cream, apply to dry mids and ends, leave on for 20 minutes before washing ( Earthkind have great bars for that too ). It contains hydrolysed elastin to strengthen the hair as well as organic and natural oils and is good for 30 treatments. If you’re nervous about switching to bars, this is an easy first step that will give you weeks if not months of bouncy strong hair." VW

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The cool girl tote bag: JW Pei Shea Bag, £39

“Checkered fashion is most definitely still having a moment, and I am obsessed with this super chic tote bag from vegan brand JW PEI. In aid of Earth Day, they have created a line of minimalist bags using high-quality canvas, polyurethane, and certified fabrics made from 100 per cent recycled plastic bottles - ten, in fact. Even better, the bag is made in one entire piece on the knitting machine, minimising all waste material - hallelujah! The brand was founded by a husband-and-wife duo in LA, and born out of a desire to make fashion accessible and effortless - their pricing is so reasonable. The iconic Gabbi bag has been spotted on Hailey Beiber, Gigi Hadid, and all the cool girls of Instagram. I like to think they’ll use this new Shea bag (available from April 22nd) for the weekly supermarket run, filling it with fruit and veg, and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing, too…” CF

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The biodegradable knickers: Stripe & Stare No Planet B Knicker Box, £40

“I’d never heard of this brand before hearing Fearne Cotton rave about them on her podcast, and she really was onto something. Their super-soft knickers are made from wood pulp (yes, really) and are 95 per cent biodegradable! I find lacy knickers quite tight and itchy, but these feel comfortable as well as looking stylish. Plus, they don’t leave any VPL (visible panty line), which is important for me because I live in my sports leggings, so I can wear them every day. The limited-edition embroidered designs are adorable, too - my personal favourite is the neon pink design (not to be worn under white clothing!) If you’re looking for new undies, these are the most comfortable you’ll find. And with every order placed throughout the year, a tree will be planted in Madagascar in partnership with Ecologi.” AR

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The mini micro-fibre towels: Magnitone Bamboo Swipes, £20 for 6

“I have one hard and fast rule for skincare: I will always remove my makeup before bed. The world's obsession with double, sometimes triple cleansing suits me just fine. To aid the thorough removal of all makeup, grime, dirt and sweat that builds up throughout the day, I add a microfibre cloth into the mix. Gone are the days of one-use cotton pads, face wipes that don't get the job done,  and flannels that take a layer of skin off. Instead, we are in the era of reusable, earth-friendly fabric cloths. I already use the Wipeout Supernaturals 100% Bamboo Cleansing Cloth , £20 for two from Magnitone. It's a swathe of exceptionally soft, eco-friendly and plastic-free microfibre cloth. The length of your forearm, it removes even the toughest oil-based makeup simply using warm water and can be popped in the wash repeatedly.

"This Earth Day, Magnitone are releasing these new Bamboo Cleansing Swipes. A mini more portable version of the magic towel - perfect for travelling, mini-breaks, or the precise removal of eye makeup wherever you are. They are machine washable (don't use fabric conditioner though) super soft, and ideal for sensitive skin, just like their big sister. Quite frankly, they feel like a hug for your face.” HS

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The household hero:  Kair Signature Clothing Wash, £18

“I’ve been on a mission to show my clothes more love, from making more considered purchases to mending rather than chucking, but my least favourite task has to be wash day. This is why Kair is a game-changer; founded with the aim of elevating the clothes-washing experience - the packaging alone says premium and the scents smell more like luxe perfumes than the chemical-filled bottles you find in the supermarket. Their formulas are free-from bleaching agents, meaning they’re kinder to the environment, your skin and your clothes. Each bottle lasts about 20 washes and you can add it directly to the drum. My favourite scent (and pink bottle!) has to be the cedarwood, amber and iris - it spreads through the house while the machine is on and leaves a lingering scent on clothes. If you want to treat your wardrobe with a bit more love this year, then Kair is a good place to start…” CF

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The soul saviours: Weleda Lavender Bath Milk, £15.75  and Wellness Retreats from £675

“Weleda is a much-loved German apothecary brand (100 years old, no less) with a commitment to people and planet, but what I didn't know is that it has a biodynamic garden and HQ in Derbyshire, where it grows many of its powerful plant ingredients. I’ve been using lavender bath milk (aka knockout drops) for years but discovered a new use for it recently as a fabric conditioner – a dash in your washing machine drawer makes your laundry smell amazing.

"It’s a tip I picked up at one of the new Weleda Wellness Retreats , which are now running seasonally in a remote picturesque cottage in the Peak District. They aim to reconnect you with yourself and with the seasonality of nature, helping you to feel more rooted. It truly scooped me up, revived me and reminded me what was important.

"The three-night break is great value, guided by Weleda’s experts in nutrition, pharmacy and skincare and includes a lymphatic drainage facial tutorial, foot bath, mindful nature walk with their head gardener as well as daily gentle yoga. If you’re new to retreats, or if you just need someone to look after you for a change, you can’t fail to be swept up by the roaring fires, fluffy duvets, the beautiful scenery, the 90-minute drift-off facial that's included and the healthy restaurant-quality food (plus wine!). It’s easily somewhere you could go alone or with a friend. Sign up now  for July, September and January, from £645.” VW

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