Glossy Posse Picks: our top beauty and fitness launches of the week

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Glossy Posse Picks: our top health and beauty launches of the week

Looking for a new new class to book into, a new fragrance or a new way to tan? Then this week’s Glossy Posse Picks are certain to pique your interest. The last few weeks have been a particularly exciting time launch-wise, with a range of summer and holiday beauty and wellness newbies springing up just in time for the new season. Which ones are leading the pack though? Here are our current favourites.

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Charlotte Tilbury Overnight Bronze & Glow Mask, £38

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Why we love it: “A subtle fuss-free self-tan night cream.”

Review: “Charlotte Tilbury is all about the glow - but in a grown-up and slightly lived-in way with its emphasis on using your skincare to quickly zap the effects of the night before. This appealed to me as mornings before work (yoga, kids’ lunchboxes, emails, washing to hang up, school run...) are my busiest times and anything I can do the night before to prep, I leap on. This new launch is very firmly in that stable, a buildable overnight self-tan with a very subtle scent.

“I use it over my serum - it’s thick and hydrating enough to do duty as a night cream, with oat kernel extract to soothe, hydrate and reduce redness plus, it sinks in well. It really is very subtle, so ideal if you are very pale or if you want a natural looking glow in the winter months - better that than a nasty Oompa Loompa surprise in the morning. For me, it took until the second night of application to see a real difference and I found I needed less concealer and foundation afterwards. The result was an even and natural looking ‘awake’ bronze which is totally controllable - you can dial it up or down as needed. A genius time-saving idea.”

Reviewer: Victoria Woodhall, Editor

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ghd Flight Wanderlust Travel Hairdryer, £55

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Why we love it: “Providing power and precision in equal measure, this small but mighty hairdryer makes for the most useful of hand luggage companions.”

Review: “Hotel hairdryers and I don’t really mix. Which is really rather inconvenient with wedding and holiday season now upon us. Often opting for blow-dries or buns respectively, my prospects of better hair days this summer have fortunately now been vastly increased thanks to ghd’s newest tool taking up residence in my hand luggage. Back by popular demand after selling out at Christmas, its purple-accented successor has made for an impressive portable alternative to my trusty aura hairdryer. 60% lighter with 85% of the power, it’s proven worthy of the title ‘Small but Mighty’ in my book.

“Foldable, it squeezes into the smallest of spaces and its removable nozzle means you needn’t compromise on precision just for practicality. Its 2-speed settings and automatic switch-off technology when held too close to the hair delivers efficiency and singe-free styling in equal doses plus, its universal voltage ensures it can be used across the globe in conjunction with the correct adaptors. Sure to prove pretty handy come Thomas Cook or Travelodge in the coming months, it’s made for a great addition to my travel hair care kit this summer.”

Reviewer: Ayesha Muttucumaru, Senior Features Writer

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Barry’s Bootcamp West

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Why we love it: “Well, we kind of hate it at the time, but there’s nothing like a blast of Barry’s to ramp up the endorphins.”

Review: “I’ve done two Barry’s Bootcamp classes in my lifetime, and both had me clinging to a treadmill in terror, but the feeling afterwards is as buzzy as post-fitness euphoria gets. If you think that you might be pushing yourself to your fitness limit in general but aren’t totally sure, a Barry’s class will soon determine where you’re working - there’s no hiding, and you’ll be propelled to your max by way of treadmill sprints with and without incline and a series of punishing floor work exercises with weights.

“The latest location in the Barry’s London empire is Barry’s West, situated within crawling distance of Queensway station. It opened yesterday and is kitted out with a Fuel shake bar, non-cramped changing rooms and Dyson hairdryers, in addition to techy fitness equipment and soft towels to mop your brow as you sweat like never before. If you’re a westerner, you can now no longer complain that Barry’s East or Central is too far to trek, and while it’s expensive as exercise goes, I can imagine that if I put myself through this more regularly I’d achieve results far quicker than a lot of the gym faffing I usually get up to. A bit of bravery and a healthy bank balance will get you there.”

Reviewer: Anna Hunter, Senior Features Writer.

5 / 7

Elemental Herbology Wood Rejuvenation Bath and Body Oil, £28

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Why we love it: “The perfect end of day treat to relax and calm both body and mind.”

Review: “I've only recently discovered this brand (late to the party I'm sure!) and I'm already pretty hooked! Its range of dual purpose oils are based around the five elements found in traditional Chinese medicine: wood, fire, earth, metal and water, each containing its own blend of essential oils to relieve tension and calm the mind.

“Containing a delicate blend of rosemary, ho leaf and nutmeg, the Wood Bath and Shower Oil works as an anti-inflammatory, also boosting circulation and warming tight muscles to ease aches and pains - I find it my perfect post-workout treat at the moment. Plus, the scent is completely Zen-like, not to mention my dry skin is completely grateful too.”

Reviewer: Sarah McGinnis, Art Editor

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Ciate Glow-To Illuminating Blush in Summer Love, £22

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Why we love it: “A sunny, shimmering shade that will see you through summer.”

Review: “Glowing skin is a trend that’s here to stay, but if your complexion is looking a little lacklustre in this transitional period between the cold months and the sunshine then fake it until you make it with Ciate’s latest launch. Available in five shades, this blusher-highlighter hybrid adds an instant shimmering flush to the cheeks thanks to the marbled combination of soft peach-coral blush and sparkling, golden highlighter. A light sweep will give you more shimmer than pigment, but when built up gradually the colour adds a real beaming glow of health to the skin. With a silky texture and beautiful packaging, it’s got my vote as the blusher of the season.”

Reviewer: Judy Johnson, Digital Editor

7 / 7

Eau de Memo, £195

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Why we love it: “A fragrance with a lot of meat on its bones.”

Review: “With a father who worked in the perfumery industry for most of his career, I have been exposed to the best (and worst depending on your preference) of fragrances over the years. A whiff of Bvlgari or Chanel Chance can take me back 20 years, which I admit is both ageing and comforting in equal measure. Over this time, I have witnessed the industry shift from smart, expensive scents to bargain bin celeb variations and now (thankfully) back again. This brings me to Memo, a luxury fragrance house founded in 2007 by designer duo couple, Clara and John Molloy. The collection of 11 scents is inspired by their international travel (lucky them!) and the top notes of this delicious fragrance (jasmine, bergamot and leather) are at once bright and profound. If you’re into florals, this is not the fragrance for you, but if you like something with a bit more meat on its bones, remortgage your home and get thee to Harvey Nichols…I promise a little goes a long way!”

Reviewer: Alecka Micklewright, Commercial Director.