Glossy Posse Picks: our top product picks right now

26 August 2016
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Glossy Posse Picks: our top product picks right now

We're blessed with lots of beauty post at GTG towers, but which new products really stand out from the crowd?

From stressed skin saviours to long lasting lipsticks, eco-friendly relaxers to deep glittery pigments, these are the products that we couldn't get enough of this fortnight.

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Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules, £68

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Why we love it: A luxurious treat that calms the look of stressed skin.

Review: “I am a big advocate of the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II. It hydrates my skin overnight while leaving it looking smoother and more radiant as soon as I wake up in the morning. It’s not heavy and but it works incredibly well and as soon as I heard about the Intensive Recovery Ampoules, I just had to had to give them a go.

"These are tiny little capsules filled with an incredibly soothing concentrate. When applied in the evening after using the Synchronized Recovery Complex, it leaves my skin looking and feeling better. I don’t use this every day - partly down to the price but mostly down to the fact that I don’t always feel like my skin needs it. However when my skin is feeling stressed (particularly if I’ve been travelling or have noticeably had a lack of sleep) then I’ll pop a little of this on and it calms everything down. It feels luxurious, it feels like a treat and is perfect for my busy lifestyle in the city to keep my skin balance in tact.”

Reviewer: Lorna Patrick, Marketing Assistant

3 / 7

Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid, £17.50

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Why we love it: It's a long wearing cover for those problem areas without looking cakey and dry.

Review: "So over the past couple of weeks my skin has been acting up massively, it could be a combination of things such as the weather and the heat in the city/on the tube or just my skin thinking it’s okay to have a mass breakout to add some annoyance to my life, who knows - anyway, needless to say I’ve been needing a new form of coverage to try and hide it so I jumped at the chance to try the Urban Decay Naked Skin Colour Correctors.

"The concealers come in 5 shades: green which reduces redness, lavender which balances sallowness, pink which brightens dark areas, yellow to correct dullness and peach that masks circles/spots. I found myself gravitating mostly towards the green and peach shades so that they could work their colour correcting magic on my face. The colour comes out quite opaque so you definitely need to make sure you’re blending properly and also make sure you’re doing it underneath your foundation, but honestly they really work. You can obviously still see the spot on your face if it’s raised, but they completely smooth out the colour making your spots appear far less angry and aggressive than they are! The coverage is great but in addition to that they’re also long wearing, I could do my makeup at 8am and the spot still wouldn’t be visible by the time I got home at 7pm which is always a win in my eyes. If you’re in the market for a colour correcting product then I’d definitely recommend these as soon as they’re available."

Reviewer: Rachael McGowan, Graphic Designer

4 / 7

Methodology X The Class, from £14

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Why we love it: You learn, and come to master, serious skills while shaping up in the process.

Review: “From aimlessly pounding the treadmill to monotonous, hamster wheel workouts, sometimes the quest to lose, or even maintain, weight is a monotonous one. Strength and conditioning coach Dan Roberts is only too aware of this, and he’s changed the game somewhat with his skill-based, holistic Methodology X programme. His 28-day home workout has been distilled into class form at hip-but-functional new gym BLOK in East London, and will concentrate your mind so effectively on perfecting everything from capoeira to pilates to martial arts moves, not to mention wind-down meditation, that you won’t have a moment for negative self-talk. Having worked extensively and intensively with models, athletes and actors across the globe, Dan knows only too well the limitations that we can put on ourselves, and his philosophy centres on health, strength and agility, of the physical and mental kind. Sign up for the class for an empowering workout in every possible sense of the word, not to mention a leaner physique, but that’s merely a bonus. Being able to move like a Muay Thai fighter is far more engaging, and the small class size ensures that you’ll get the most out of every minute.”

Reviewer: Anna Hunter, Senior Features Writer

5 / 7

Ecoya Coconut and Elderflower Candle, £39

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Why we love it: A natural, eco-friendly brand with authentic scents.

Review: “I’m not particularly good at relaxing when there’s a phone, tweet or email to hand 24/7, but I do know that if you create the right environment (and whip away those digital temptations) it’s much easier to officially switch off. With a sensitive nose and sensitive skin, I avoid over-fragrant products in beauty so I rarely get to treat myself to anything that transports you to that calmer place via a beautiful scent, but these natural, plant-based soy candles are a refreshing way for me to get that hit for the senses. The Coconut and Elderflower contains caramel, pineapple, lime, lemon and bergamot and is fruity without being sickeningly sweet, and evokes memories of piña coladas, sunshine and sandy beaches. It helps that it’s not only in elegant packaging, but is environmentally friendlier than paraffin based candles too. Eco-chic at its finest.”

Reviewer: Judy Johnson, Online Editor

6 / 7

YSL Vernis à lèvres vinyl cream liquid lipstick in 410 Fuchsia Live, £26

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Why we love it: A luxurious lip lacquer that lasts.

Review: "Always on the prowl for the perfect lipstick, liner or gloss I’ve found I’m very nearly there with this creamy stain from YSL.  Available in a full rainbow of rich pigment shades, this luscious lip lacquer is a dream to apply and, importantly, to wear.  The texture is silky, the applicator precise and easy to shape into the tips and corners of the lips, and the options for drama are endless.   A generous coating will leave you with a head-turning full fat pout whilst a few blots with a tissue will pair it right back for day-time or even office wear.  The best thing of all is its sheer staying power. Once applied the stain sets in giving the illusion of an almost natural shade of fuchsia (in my case).  In summary this lacquer has everything you could want for your lips - stunning colours, silky soft texture and the longevity you can rely on.  So, despite the heftier price tag, a little goes a long way here making this one of my favourite new recruits."

Reviewer: Gemma Bellman, Managing Director

7 / 7

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Palette, £35

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Why we love it: For it's mega glittery eyeshadow in eight bold, glittering colours.

Review: "If you like glitter like I do (I mean, I will climb over people to get the latest glittery makeup product) then there is nothing not to love about Urban Decay’s Moondust Eyeshadow Palette. It’s eyeshadow made for the glitter obsessives! An anniversary collection of eight of the beauty wizard’s most eye-catching different colours, there is a colour available for every outfit. My immediate favourite is Lithium - a sparkling deep gold that suits days when I want a more natural coloured sparkle, and Galaxy is ideal for days when I am looking to apply a darker hue. It has a subtle hint of aquamarine which beautifully complements the green in my eyes.

"The shadow colours are mainly dark and deep which I believe is most appropriate for darker months of the year when the colours will really stand out, but I enjoy adding colour and sparkle to my eyes at any time of the year, so I have found that lining just the far corners of my top and bottom lids with the shadow is most effective, bringing it up further around my top lids as the weather becomes cloudier and autumn and winter set in. The weather may be dull but your eyes certainly will not!"

Reviewer: Gemma Painter, Digital Marketing Manager