Glossy Posse Picks: the latest launches we love

19 November 2016
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Glossy Posse Picks: the latest launches we love

With the weather getting colder and colder, which are the beauty products the Get The Gloss team are looking towards to make everything that bit better?

From skin perfectors to do it all palettes and from luxurious hair towels to body hydrators, these are the products that caught the Glossy Posse's eyes and kept them coming back for more.

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2 / 10

YSL Fusion Ink Cushion Foundation, £35

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Why we love it: "A flawless and fine coverage that hides blemishes but looks like skin."

Review: "I am not a fan of heavy foundations at all. I feel I look like I’m wearing a mask if I wear anything more than sheer coverage. However after a huge breakout recently where I ended up going to a dermatologist to sort out my face, I am a convert to this particular medium-coverage foundation.  It has a really fine coverage in that it doesn’t look thick on the skin, but it has an amazing ability to cover blemishes and yet still look natural to the naked eye, and the sponge somehow presses the foundation into the skin, making it blend seamlessly. Available in 6 shades it has an SPF of 29 and the insert is refillable, which is great because my compact came engraved with my name on it and I would like to use it forever!"

Reviewer: Susannah Taylor, Editor-in-Chief

3 / 10

Aquis Waffle Luxe Hair Towel and Turban Duo, £60

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Why we love it: "Light, easy to use and fast drying with a design that makes me feel like I am in a 5* hotel."

Review: "One day, somebody invented the towel. The next day, nobody invented anything else as the towel was the best it was ever going to be. Or so we thought...

"It’s fair to say that Aquis Waffle Towel isn’t a huge innovation - at the end of the day it is just a towel, and with quite a steep price tag it’s hard to justify the purchase, but I do like it. It’s light, soft and the perfect shape to wrap neatly around my head and tuck in at the back - great for when I have gotten out of the shower and need to get dressed or put on my makeup before attending to my wet hair (a bulky towel normally falls straight off my head). It’s very absorbent which means I don’t have to rub or damage my hair to get out all the loose moisture, and dries on the towel rack quickly (no smelly towel at the end of the week). What is more, it also comes in a turban style, which I love as I can just stick it on top my head for an hour or so while I do my thing until I am ready for hair to one again face world.

"A pricey purchase but a good gift for people who wash hair frequently and hate having to deal with hair and life in the same sentence."

Reviewer: Gemma Painter, Digital Marketing Manager

4 / 10

E45 Derma Protect Spray, £5.99

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Why we love it: "Quick and convenient hydration for even the most sensitive of skin."
Review: “I have to admit, I am rather neglectful when it comes to body lotion; forever in a rush, it’s not something I do as often as I should and I hate that sticky, icky feeling you get while you wait for it all to sink in before dressing. However this new spray from E45 landed on my desk this week and I immediately put it to use - the cold weather has left me with cracked elbows and parched skin (attractive, I know) and so it lapped this up. There is something about a spray format that just makes it easier - you can apply direct to skin rather than pouring a dollop into your palm and hoping it doesn’t spill everywhere. Best of all it sinks in really fast, and the combination of glycerin and emollients  really soothe the skin, with no irritants or fragrance to cause issues if you’re sensitive like me - it’s even recommended for eczema sufferers. No more excuses; I’ll be using this daily.”
Reviewer: Judy Johnson, Online Editor

5 / 10

Elizabeth Arden Makeup On The Move Palette, £30 when you spend £30

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Why we love it: A bargain do-it-all palette to take on the go, everywhere

Review: “This is the kind of gift with purchase that I adore. They call it a palette but it’s so much more than that. The beautiful palette has 10 eyeshadow shades featuring wearable nudes and browns and bright pops of colour, a blush, a highlighter, a mini mascara, an eyeliner, a lipstick and matching lipgloss. But that’s not all… It’s encased in a beautiful red suede-esque clutch bag/cosmetics bag and alongside the palette you get 3 mini brushes that work perfectly with it, two more sets of matching lipsticks and lipglosses and some eye makeup remover to take it all off at the end of the day.

“This set really does it all. If you prefer a nude lip and a pop of colour on the eye, a bright lip and a nude eye or a pink lip and a smokey eye, it has you covered. The quality of each product is second to none, and there’s just something that gets me excited about having mini versions of products I already know and love.”

Reviewer: Lorna Patrick, Marketing Assistant

6 / 10

Bella Freud Close to My Heart Eau de Parfum, £95

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Why we love it: “An intriguing scent that’s feminine without being sweet.”

Review: “If I’d read the ingredients list on this new launch by Bella Freud, I would have steered well clear - tuberose absolute, jasmine, patchouli, moss, sandalwood, black musk and oud are dense notes I normally can’t abide. Only the citrus zing of neroli in this scent is on my ‘must feel fresh and uplifting’ tick list.  However, testing it almost ‘blind’ I found myself coming back to the smell – sniffing my top and wrists and wondering exactly what is was I smelled of (in a good way). The combination of earthy tones and feminine rose combine beautifully for a stylish, contemporary scent. The packaging too is highly tactile, a velvet asymmetric box, and the bottle itself has a matte lacquered lid. A very cool Christmas gift – especially for yourself.”

Reviewer: Victoria Woodhall, Deputy Editor

7 / 10

Darphin Illuminating Oil Serum, £55

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Why we love it: "A 2-in-1 radiance booster that provides the comfort of an oil and the more intensive treatment of a serum to tackle dullness and fatigue in one fell swoop."

Review: “I love the feel of an oil, but I love the efficacy of a serum - I would use both, but I like to keep my night time skincare regime as simple as possible. However, thanks to this new golden elixir from Darphin providing the best of both worlds, that dilemma is a thing of the past.

“With a water-like texture that smoothes onto and sinks into skin beautifully, only a couple of pumps at most are needed to comprehensively cover face, neck and décolletage. Containing microencapsulated pearls of seven essential oils (tangerine, orange, neroli, rose, ylang ylang, cedarwood and ginger), it’s both a treat to look at and use, silkily spreading over skin and becoming a mainstay in my regime as a result. If you’re like me though and you need a little something extra in the winter months, the combination of hyaluronic acid, marine extract and skin-renewing acetyl-glucosamine act as the perfect upgrade, to give this oil a serum spin and provide a valuable pick-me-up when my skin threatens to match the grey overcast skies above.

“Leaving my complexion visibly more glowy, even and radiant, it’s the 2-in-1 multitasker that has both streamlined and super-boosted my beauty routine. It delivers simplicity and results in equal measure.”

Reviewer: Ayesha Muttucumaru, Senior Features Writer

8 / 10

Liz Earle Superskin Treatment Oil for Body, £35

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Why we love it: “A rich and indulgent body oil that both hydrates and smoothes out dry skin

Review: "Give me an oil over a cream any day, I absolutely love the luxurious texture and I actually think they sink a lot deeper into the skin and give a more intense hydration. This new Superskin Treatment Body Oil from Liz Earle is an actual dream, I'm actually not sure how anything else will ever compare again. Formulated with a botanical blend of cranberry, borage and rosehip seed oils, the smell is incredibly relaxing so I love to use it post bath or shower before bed. The rich but non greasy texture leaves skin feeling deeply hydrated and moisturised and visibly smooths out the skin giving it a much firmer and healthier overall appearance. It's currently my winter saviour.”

Reviewer: Sarah McGinnis, Art Editor

9 / 10

Sunday Riley U.F.O Ultra-Clarifying Facial Oil, £68

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Why we love it: “Makes angry, acne prone skin look noticeably happier.”

Review: “I suspect that this is a bit of a ‘Marmite’ beauty product. In my experience you either lap up a facial oil or you’re oil averse, and the forest green hue plus freaky product name in this case has the potential to turn off oil avoiders. Hear me out, however, as a recent hormonal chin and jawline explosion prompted me to seek out something with a little more oomph than my usual comforting treatment oil, and U.F.O flew into my orbit just as spot-gate struck. With 1.5% salicylic acid to lightly exfoliate (although I don’t feel the telltale tingle on application), calming cucumber oil and milk thistle and an impressive line up of antioxidant plant extracts, it’s a reviving pick-me-up for skin that’s having a wobble or suffering from breakouts, and it has the added advantage of improving skin texture and appearance from the get-go. The plant oils could pose a risk of irritation for sensitive skin, but otherwise it’s a glow-giver for desperate times.”

Reviewer: Anna Hunter, Senior Features Writer

10 / 10

SHE-Y Black Orchid Body Cream, £80

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Why we love it: "The most luxurious Shea butter I know!"

Review: "When is comes to body cream, I’ve had a few!  Yet always tend to flit between simple, get-the-job-done creams in a large plastic vat, and high-end, fragrance-filled, break-the-bank-style moisturisers in fancy glass jars that probably cost more than what’s inside.  I was intrigued, therefore, to test drive SHE-Y’s Black Orchid Body Cream, as one that seems to offer both effective, fuss-free shea butter (18%) cream, and the lure of a Black Orchid infusion, glass jar and spatula to appeal to my inner snob.  I must say, the combination is quite something.  The texture is velvet-soft, thick and creamy which is a joy to apply (spatula and all), yet is quick to absorb so the hydration begins right away for long-lasting nourishment throughout the day.  The scent is a mature and subtle floral, which is perfect for my early morning moisturising sessions.  Love this cream (and it’s pregnancy safe too).  Would give it a perfect 10 were it not for the loftier price tag.  Worth it though, but use sparingly (if you can)!"

Reviewer: Gemma Bellman, Managing Director