Half Magic Beauty is here and - good news - it ships to the UK!

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Doniella Davy, the mastermind behind the magical jewel-studded and graphic glittery makeup looks in HBO and Now TV's  Euphoria  has launched her makeup line  Half Magic Beauty. 

She took to Tik Tok to demonstrate her ‘system’ to show how she creates such brightly coloured makeup looks with glitter on top, one of the fundamental elements of her new collection.

She begins with  Chromaddiction Matte, $20  - a long-lasting, liquid eye shadow that comes in four shades; red-orange, periwinkle blue, chartreuse green and coral pink. Once that’s dried and set, she applies  Chromaddiction Shimmer, $20  - a more metallic and shimmering version of the matte shadow that also come in four shades. Each one has been designed to compliment one of the matte shades. For that final bit of glittering flourish, she adds a glitter topper using  Glitterpill, $17  - a sparkling, glittering liquid eyeliner that can be painted on however you please, which also comes in four shades.

There are also  powder highlighters ,  liquid lipsticks , a  setting spray  and  face adornments  however the product that’s really caught our eye is the  Wing Magician Reusable Silicone Guide, $9 . This diamond shaped tool helps you create the perfect eyeliner flick. Simply choose the angle you’re after, place it on the outer eye and run your eyeliner along. You can even pop it in the dishwasher to clean it afterwards. Genius!

We’ve been waiting for this launch since Doniella revealed she had created her own line back in February on Instagram, writing: “WHAT IF I said I have a makeup line and it’s launching this Spring….. I can’t believe I’m finally able to share this, and that this is actually real!"

She added that for the past two years and while filming Season 2, she'd been secretly working on creating her dream makeup line. "I couldn’t be more completely over the moon thrilled out of my mind to introduce Half Magic." With exclamation marks a-plenty she invited her fand to follow @halfmagicbeauty "because it’s all for YOU." And despite currently only displaying a series of teaser black squares, it's already gathered nearly 40,000 followers.

If you’ve watched Euphoria, you’ll know the cast, which includes Zendaya , Hunter Schafer and Alexa Demie, wear a combination of razor-sharp wings, sea-inspired eyeliner and rhinestone-studded looks, and it sounds like Half Magic is going to be just as out-there. The strapline for the brand is 'wear your heart on your face'." The line has been made in collaboration with Euphoria and its makers A24 films.

On the Half Magic site, which is currently just a black page (no clues there!,  it says “Something weird and beautiful is brewing. Space cowboy or glitter queen? Belle of the ball or neon boy next door? Bold or bolder? Follow your creativity down the rabbit hole and shape-shift into today’s version of you with Half Magic."

The beauty industry has been whipped up into quite the frenzy by Doniella's announcement. Milk Makeup commented: "SO EXCITING!!!!". MUA Rose Gallagher wrote "How exciting! I want it all already!"

Stand by for news on exactly when the collection is dropping and if it'll be available in the UK – fingers crossed!

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