From spider and bat eyeliner to ultra-easy Halloween lipstick looks, there are the simple ways to look spooky with minimal effort

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If you've left it too late to get a Halloween costume sorted (all the Cruella wigs are sold out! No Maleficent horns are available online!) it's time to get creative with your Halloween makeup instead.

A good Halloween makeup look can replace a full-blown costume. Gone are the days of simply drawing on whiskers and being done with it. Instead, makeup pros are getting super creative with their Halloween makeup and lucky for us they're sharing their looks online so us mere-mortals can copy them.

Here are the ones to try this weekend.

Scary (yet glam) Halloween clown makeup

Anna Lingis is the MUA responsible for presenter Maya Jama's always amazing Halloween looks and as well as creating a seriously spooky makeover for Maya's Celebrity Juice appearance this year (scroll down to see), she also painted this ultra-glam clown makeup and shared a 45 minute tutorial so we can copy it at home. " I promise you it’s such an easy look to do, even if you’re not a makeup artist!" Anna said.

Devil Halloween Makeup

Makeup pro Tammi Clarke somehow manages to make Haloween makeup sexy with her ultra-winged smokey eye devil look. Black lipstick and red contacts complete the look. Tammi also did one of our favourite takes on Harley Quinn makeup.

The two-minute Halloween lipstick tutorial

If you have next to no time to get ready for your Halloween gathering, this is the look to go for, as created by makeup pro Gina Elser-Box. Just add a black dress and you've got a spooky look with almost no effort. Gina has other seriously impressive Halloween makeup tutorials on her Instagram, including a take on Ursula  from The Little Mermaid that looks like it took hours!

Spider queen Halloween makeup

We promise this spider makeup look is easier to create than it looks! You just need a steady hand for painting on the eyeliner webs and you're golden.

Halloween eyeliner tutorial

Urban Decay MUA Danielle Roberts is always our first port of call when we're looking for impactful but simple Halloween makeup and she hasn't disappointed this year with this spider web liner. It definitely took us a few tries to copy it (that steady hand is needed again) but it's well worth the practice.

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Halloween bat eye makeup tutorial

Makeup artist Keilidh Cashell shows that Halloween looks can be colourful with this bright bat-inspired look. "Orange and purple together just scream 'Halloween' to me," she says. She prays to the makeup gods when painting on her batwing liner, so we're inclined to say this is what for the more experienced makeup lover.

Cruella Halloween makeup look

If you didn't manage to get your hands on a dalmatian coat or a Cruella wig, this makeup look is a great way to embody Cruella this Halloween. Even if you're not handy with a makeup brush, it's easy enough to paint on the white splodges for this arty take on our favourite Disney villain.

Halloween eyeliner ideas

For minimal effort that still makes an impact, try these eyeliner looks that transform you into a clown, bat or spider. The clown is our favourite.

Bride of Frankenstein Halloween makeup

Maya pulls it out of the bag every Halloween (she's been a bedraggled mermaid and Jessica Rabbit in the past), but for her appearance on Celebrity Juice this year MUA Anna Lingis went for an altogether spookier look, transforming her into the Bride of Frankenstein and we'd say this is a simple look to create from home if you're short of time.

Hocus Pocus Halloween makeup

Presenter Laura Whitmore dressed up as Sarah Jessica Parker's character Sarah Sanderson from Hocus Pocus and it's a super simple one to recreate, just add a beauty spot, a smokey eye and a blonde wig and you're good to go.

American Horror Story Halloween Look

For an ultra-glam Halloween makeup look that's still scary, paint your face as Lady Gaga's American Horror Story character Elizabeth. Just go for ultra-winged liner, over-lined lips and you're good to go.

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