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Looking for some new season beauty inspiration? Call of the search, because Chanel  has just the solution. Today, the brand launches ‘Essentially Chanel’ - the House’s five most iconic beauty products, inviting fans to visit Chanel counters nationwide to enjoy a complimentary makeover until the 8th of May.

So which beauty products have made the cut in the Chanel ‘big 5’? From skincare to bronzers to lipsticks, here are the essentials that have reached cult status and the makeup artists who don’t leave the house without them in their kit bags...

1. The face serum

Hydra Beauty Micro Sérum

“Hydra Beauty Micro Sérum is just great under makeup,” says the amazing Mary Greenwell. “It massages into the skin in a wonderfully easy way, seeming to stay ‘wet’ and leaves the skin plumped up and so supple.

“Makeup sits perfectly on top. It is a totally new concept in under makeup moisturising and I love it.”

£40.  Buy online .

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2. The bronzer

Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base

“I'm a huge fan of Soleil Tan de Chanel, it's a great all round bronzer that can be used underneath or on top of foundation,” says Thomas de Kluyver.

“What's also wonderful about this product is its texture, it can be seamlessly blended with other cosmetics.

“It’s a go-to product when coming into spring, where you can mix it with Le Blush Crème de Chanel to give the skin a warm but fresh glow.”

£32.  Buy online .

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3. The mascara

Le Volume de Chanel

Kay Montano commented, “What I love about Le Volume Mascara is how well the brush is shaped, it delivers the product evenly so that eyelashes become thicker and longer without clogging.”

£25.  Buy online .

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4. The lipstick

Rouge Coco Lipstick

“I absolutely love the Rouge Coco lipsticks as they have such brilliant pigment and an incredibly moisturising formula, they make lips look deliciously plump and lush,” says Zoe Taylor.

“A nude eye and a slick of a Rouge Coco lipstick is sometimes all you need to feel super sexy and utterly chic.”

£26.  Buy online .

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5. The illuminating skincare base

Le Blanc de Chanel

“Le Blanc de Chanel illuminating base is my go-to for creating the radiant, healthy, beautiful skin everybody wants,” says Lauren Parsons.

“Contouring has become key for makeup lovers and this product offers a more subtle, always flawless alternative to a sometimes lengthy process.

“You can use it all over the face to boost radiance and prime the skin for makeup, but I especially love it used on all the high points of the face after foundation - the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, forehead and Cupid's bow.

“Because the product has no shimmer, it seems to make the skin glow from within, it's the most natural but effective highlighter I've ever used.”

£33.  Buy online .

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