Harvey Nichols special: the Holy Grail of Beauty

4 March 2017
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Harvey Nichols special: the Holy Grail of Beauty

It’s a minefield out there. With so many products on the market, how do you know which mascara will give the perfect flutter, what foundation will last the day or how to source the LBD of beauty – the perfect red lip? Beauty guru Harvey Nichols has joined forces with five of the industry’s most influential experts to road-test, rate and evaluate the best products out there. Interested to find out which came out on top? Meet an everlasting beauty edit.

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Written in partnership with Harvey Nichols.

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Fleur De Force

Expertise: Vlogger

Category: Mascara

Winner: Yves Saint Laurent Luxurious Mascara for False Lash Effect , £25.50

“I have used this mascara on and off since I was 15/16 and it still remains my number one favourite! I love it so much, nothing else can beat it for me.”


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Mary Greenwell

Expertise: Makeup artist

Category: Red lipstick

Winner: Tom Ford Lip Color in Scarlet Rouge , £40

“The perfect texture with great coverage; a lovely satin finish that will last for hours while at work or in meetings…the colour is a classic, a red that looks good on most people and is certainly a perfect red for me.”


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Sali Hughes

Expertise: Journalist

Category: Foundation

The Winner: Armani Beauty Luminous Foundation , £40

“It is, in my view, among the best all-rounders in all of beauty. It gives good, natural coverage, a healthy looking finish and crucially, does not discriminate in its shade range.’


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Tia Ward

Expertise: Model

Category: Makeup brushes

The Winner: Iconic London White Complete Face 6 Brush Set , £75

“Phenomenal value for money, beautifully made and designed to last, the set really is Iconic.”


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Dina Torkia

Expertise: Influencer

Category: Eyeshadow palettes

Winner: Charlotte Tilbury Colour Coded Eye Shadow Palette , £39

“I think I knew it was the Holy Grail as soon as I put it on my lid. I love the variety within the four palettes - it allows for a lot more room to be creative and glam.”