How the new 13-piece Benefit Brow collection really measures up...

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The new Benefit Brow collection: the Get The Gloss review

In terms of eyebrow makeup, few brands do it better than Benefit. The top prestige brand in the sector when it comes to boosting brows far and wide, its roster of bestsellers has proven popular among all manner of brow types and shapes, accounting for half of the approximately 1.1 million brow products sold last year.

Building on its reputation for exemplary eyebrow makeup innovation, the brand recently unveiled its new all-encompassing brow collection - a 13-piece range offering every finish and texture imaginable to solve every eyebrow dilemma. The shade range additions are of particular note, providing a more inclusive colour spectrum that leaves no brow shade snubbed. Treating eyebrows like we would our hair, each product (including the three handy tools) looks to address a particular concern, whether it be sparseness, definition or colour.

The most comprehensive launch in this area that we’ve ever seen, we put the collection through its paces to provide a handy go-to guide for helping you along the way to becoming a brow expert in your own right.

The new Benefit brow collection launches nationwide from the 24th of June 2016.

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BROWVO! conditioning primer, £21.50

What is it? A conditioning primer that makes eyebrows appear fuller and healthier, while also giving your eyebrow makeup of choice extra durability.

Shade range: 1 universal shade.

The GTG review: When it comes to giving our base a dose of extra longevity, primers are the secret weapons in our artilleries for making it last from dusk to dawn. So it makes sense that this also form a vital first step when it comes to our eyebrow makeup too. This easy to use brow booster proved mighty impressive thanks to its versatility, angled bristled tip and clear universal gel formula. As well as prepping brows, its formula enriched with keratin and soy proteins worked as a nourishing treat (which also doubled up as an overnight treatment too). Plus, it wasn’t sticky or gloopy either, requiring only one ‘click’ per eyebrow to dispense the perfect amount of product. Definitely one for days you need to give your eyebrow makeup extra staying power, or to be worn alone when you’d rather go makeup free but want to make your brows appear more groomed and polished.

3 / 10

goof proof brow pencil, £18.50

What is it? An easy to use eyebrow pencil ideal for addressing patchiness.

Shade range: 6 - from blonde to black.

The GTG review: With a slanted tip and spoolie on the end, this waterproof eyebrow pencil acts as a more detail-focused option to its counterparts. Ideal for those who love a multi-tasker as well as those new to the world of eyebrow makeup, its non-sharpen tip and soft textured formula tackles definition and shaping in one fell swoop making the whole thing pretty, well, goof proof.

4 / 10

Ka-BROW!, £18.50

What is it? A pigmented pot of cream-gel colour that fills, sculpts and defines.

Shade range: 6.

The brow-down: For a softer and more blendable finish, this pick is your perfect match. With its brush cleverly concealed in its lid, only a small amount is needed to give brows greater oomph. Best for filling in gaps and tackling unevenness rather than creating definition, those who consider sparseness to be their top concern will benefit most from it.

5 / 10

precisely, my brow pencil, £18.50

What is it? An ultra-fine eyebrow pencil that helps fine-tune your handiwork.

Shade range: 6 - from light to very dark.

The brow-down: This particular product was one of our favourites thanks to its super slim tip. Ideal for perfecting the art of hair-like strokes for creating the most natural of finishes, it adds strength and shape to the most sparse of eyebrows and an even finish to thick ones too. Plus, it’s waterproof and has a spoolie-brush for blending at the end too. We’re sold.

6 / 10

3D BROWtones, £18.50

What is it? Highlighting for your brows. Intrigued? Read on...

Shade range: 1.

The brow-down: Do your eyebrows really need highlights? We know, we were dubious at first too. However, ombre this is not. This is all about offsetting the starkness caused by perhaps too much pencilling or too flat an eyebrow makeup shade to create a more a natural finish. Its custom brush with comb tip was great at helping carefully distribute its colour and although only available in one shade, acts as an innovative addition whether to enhance lighter brows or soften darker ones.

7 / 10

ready, set, BROW!, £18.50

What is it? A clear setting eyebrow gel.

Shade range: 1.

The brow-down: Think of this as hairspray for your eyebrows - an invisible shaping and setting gel to help budgeproof your makeup of choice. Fast-drying and great for helping tame flyaways and wayward eyebrow hairs, the range of bristles on its wand ensured smooth application as well as fast results to act as the perfect finishing touch to our brow grooming efforts.

8 / 10

gimme brow, £18.50

What is it? The award-winning brow-volumising fibre gel with a few added extras...

Shade range: 3 - from blonde to deep brunette.

The GTG review: In an office full of different hair shades and eyebrow types, gimme brow is one of those rare finds that works for all of us. Thankfully, it still remains as one of the key parts of the Benefit Brow dynasty - just with a few interesting updates. Firstly, it’s now available in an additional shade - a natural-looking medium colour to ensure those who don’t fall into either blonde or brunette camps are also well catered for. Secondly, its brush has been reinvented to feature a tapered shape and a precision tip for easier blending and more tailored application. All in all, the updates ensure better distribution of product to build volume and definition easily and naturally.

9 / 10

brow zings, £24.50

What is it? A pocket-sized one-stop-shop for taming and shaping eyebrows.

Shade range: 6.

The brow-down: Another of Benefit’s bestsellers, this new incarnation provides all the essentials of the original but with a new extendable retractable brush with a slanted end for the wax, a wider one for the powder. It is also now available in 3 additional shades to provide their most comprehensive colour range yet for taming brows when caught on-the-go.

10 / 10

high brow & high brow glow, £17.50

What are they? Lifting highlighting pencils with a choice of two finishes.

Shade range: 2.

The brow-down: Created to accentuate arches for a more wide awake effect, the reformulation of these two brand classics provides creamier and easier to blend application. An effective way to add brightness and extra dimension to your finished look, choose between the cooler-toned ‘Linen Pink’ and warmer, more luminescent ‘Champagne Pink’ to best suit your skin tone and eye colour. Simply apply under your brows following the arches and blend. You may need to retouch your brow with a little pencil afterwards, but it’s proves worth it for the professional finish achieved.