We’ve got a foolproof way to get rid of those foundation stains…

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The beautyblender has entered the beauty hall of fame with flying colours: there’s barely a backstage makeup station, dressing table or professional kit where the egg-shaped makeup applicator sponge is absent. Many of us ‘bounce’ on our base, eyeshadow, blusher or bronzer with one every morning (or have a family of beautyblenders on hold to cover a full face), but when it comes to a cleaning routine, we’re perhaps not as diligent as we should be. OBVIOUSLY you clean yours once a week (red face), but if you know a good beautyblender purge is due, the brand has just launched something very handy (literally) that will take the faff out of washing away the filth. Enter the keep.it.clean™ cleansing mitt , £17.

A textured, fluoro silicone palette that fits snugly into your palm, the mitt allows you to clean your beautyblender thoroughly in double quick time, and also turns its hand neatly to brush washing. Different lumps and bumps give your makeup applicators a good going over without tearing- consider it healthy exfoliation for your toolkit, and a complimentary solid blendercleanser is currently being thrown in for good measure so that you have zero excuses to not to clean your collection, like, now.

Also just launched from the beautyblender workshop is the very Instagrammable beautyblender Swirl , £16, a pink and white marbled take on the original. It doesn’t do anything new in particular, but it looks rather lovely and owing to the marble effect no two are the same. Just like yourselves, dear readers.

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