In less than 15 minutes you can achieve dark, fluttery lashes with zero mascara

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It’s about that time in lockdown again when we’re so desperately missing our lash lady / waxer / stylist (delete as appropriate) that we’re taking matters into our own hands. This week’s  DIY beauty project ? Eyelash tinting.

For dark, defined, thicker-looking lashes there’s no treatment quite like an eyelash tint, especially if you find applying and removing mascara a chore. Eyelash tinting at home is one of the simpler DIY beauty treatments out there, especially if you use a kit.

How long does lash tinting take?

Before you tint your own lashes you need to do a patch test 48hours before, even if you’re used to having your lashes tinted in salon. This takes seconds.

Once your patch test is back clear, the whole process of tinting your own lashes takes 15 minutes.

How long does a DIY lash tint last?

“You can expect the tint to stay for four weeks,” says makeup artist make-up artist Sara Sordillo. “During this time they will gradually lighten due to the sun bleaching them and lashes falling out naturally. Avoid oil-based cleansers and products around your lashes to help keep the lash tint longer. Oil products break down tint.”

How to tint your own lashes

We spoke to Jaimineey Patel, head of training at London brow specialists Blink Brow Bar about how to tint your lashes at home using Eylure's Lash Tint kit , £10

1. Clean your lashes

Before getting started make sure your eyelashes are free of any make-up residue. “Use a lash cleaning foam or a make-up removal product that is oil-free and gentle on the eyes to help remove make-up reside between lashes,” says Sara. Next apply a barrier layer (Vaseline in fine) on lower and upper eyelids so you can wipe away any dye that gets onto the skin.

2. Bend your brush

Before you get down to business, Sara suggests gently bending the application wand that comes in the kit so that it’s at 90 degrees. “This makes application a lot easier and less messy,” she says. “You can hold the handle with more control and the product is less likely to get on your hands.”

3. Decant the mixture

The Eyelure Lash Tint kit comes in a plastic tray with the now-bent mascara wand brush, activating gel and developer gel. The tray has two little indents for you to decant the gels into. This negates the need to put the dye in your crockery and risk staining. "Place approximately one centimetre of the activating gel in the tray advises Jaimineey.

4. Apply the colour

Next, use the newly-bent wand to apply the activator gel. Pick it up from the tray and brush through your lashes as if it were your usual mascara, coating them all.

“When applying with the wand make sure all the hair is coated,” advises Sara. “Brush the product in thoroughly on both sides. Brush the product under and on top of the lashes. If you wiggle your hand slightly when applying you will get better coverage of each lash. Concentrate on making sure the very tip of your eyelashes are covered, as this is where they get very light because of the sun making the lashes appear shorter than they really are. Making sure the tip is tinted too will make the lashes look a lot longer.”

"Leave the gel on for two minutes," advises Jaimineey. "You can leave on for longer for more intense results, but no more than eight minutes in total. Using a damp cotton pad, remove the activating gel from the lashes by folding the pad in half and enclosing the lashes between the sides with your fingers, gently removing the residue. Repeat as needed until the lashes are free of any residue."

4. Apply developer gel

Clean the mascara wand with a tissue and then dip it into the activator gel and coat the lashes with this formula. Leave for up to four minutes. Remove the developed gel in the same way you removed the colour and voila, tinted lashes in just 15 minutes.

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