New Benefit hydrating tinted lip balms keep your lips conditioned and soft, with a hint of sheer colour

Benefit’s tinted lip and cheek stains have gained a loyal following for their effective multipurpose properties. A two-in-one wonder product, the liquid gives a beautiful colour to lips while adding a healthy flush to the cheeks.

Now Benefit’s newest product has set the beauty world aflutter – hydrating tinted lip balms. To work alongside Benetint is Benebalm (rose-tinted), Lollitint has Lollibalm (candy orchid-tinted), for Chachatint there’s Chachabalm (mango-tinted) and for Posietint there’s, you guessed it, Posiebalm (poppy pink-tinted).

Encased in cute shiny packaging, each one looks like a lipstick but when applied, you’ll see a beautiful lip balm packed with hydrating qualities smoothly glide on to your lips. These lip balms are enriched with mango butter, making them creamy and conditioning - the perfect solution to dry lips.

But the best thing by far is the colour. The four different shades all have a sheer pay-off and are noticeable but subtle, making them the perfect product for everyday use. When you want to inject a bit more colour, use alongside the matching tint to intensify the shade. These nifty little balms are our new favourite things.

Benefit hydrating tinted lip balms launching June, £14.50. Buy online at