They’re colour correctors, but not as you know them, thanks to ingredients that work below the surface to target your skin concerns on a deeper level

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When a brand tells us that they’re giving a classic product a new twist, it’s usually no more than just a change of packaging. Not exactly headline-making news. However, it’s a totally different scenario when they tell us they’re souping up its formula to give it even more skincare benefits. Case in point, Indeed Labs and their new range of Nanoblur Colour Correctors.

A range of skincare/makeup hybrids, the new additions provide the much-loved blurring effects of the original Nanoblur, with a healthy dose of colour-neutralising pigments thrown into the mix, and high quality targeted actives to help treat the concerns too. It’s this last point that gives them a distinct point of difference to other similar products on the market. While most colour correctors are designed to sit on the surface and give the illusion of more even skin tone in the short-term, these work below the skin’s surface, courtesy of antioxidant-rich nigella sativa oil, to help in the long-term too.

There are three in the range, each developed to counteract its opposite shade on the colour wheel.

If you’re looking to disguise redness, choose Nanoblur Colour Corrector in green .

If you’re looking to address dullness or unevenness, pick Nanoblur Colour Corrector in yellow .

Or, if you’re looking to brighten and illuminate sallow skin, go with purple .

They’re extremely versatile and can be used alone or underneath your foundation or concealer depending on the degree of coverage that you’re looking for. Plus, they’re also refreshingly lightweight, with a cream to powder formula that glides on smoothly and naturally blurs away everything from fine lines to enlarged pores. Simply dot on where needed and blend.

If you tend to have a little redness here or a little dullness or sallowness there, and foundation alone doesn’t tend to be enough, this new launch could make all the difference.

Indeed Labs Nanoblur Colour Correctors are £16.99 each.  Buy green here ,  purple here  and  yellow here .