Ayesha Muttucumaru met Alexa Chung and Eyeko founder Nina Leykind to find out about their new collaboration

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It’s been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but surely it can’t hurt to give potential onlookers a nudge in the right direction? Cue the global launch of Eyeko’s new collection with Alexa Chung and we can all master the art of making eyes in no time at all. GTG attended the official unveiling to speak with Alexa and find out more about the range…

A taster of things to come, the  limited edition set,  £35, is a definite nod to the mod era and includes the full-proof and waterproof Eye Do Liquid Liner, the conditioning Eye Do Mascara for perfecting the most doll-like of flutters and an exclusive poster tube and poster, shield and tissue paper that have all been personally designed by Alexa and feature her illustrations.

Forever a fan (and borderline obsessive) of a feline flick, I can certainly vouch that the collection’s Eye Do Liquid Liner is one of the blackest and easiest to use that I’ve tried. And I’ve tried the lot. Also throw in the soft, fine-tipped nib and you have the key for perfecting Alexa’s signature feline flick minus the mess, stress and strife.

We interviewed Alexa at the event at Selfridges, London and asked Eyeko co-founder Nina Leykind about the inspiration behind the collaboration and what makes Alexa the perfect face for Eyeko…


How would you describe your signature make-up style and how do Eyeko and the products reflect that?

“I’m definitely highly influenced by sixties make-up. When I look at those images, I just think that they are the most flattering combination of things for a woman. All of the women look so beautiful and there must definitely be something in that eye shape.

“Eyeko are the experts of eye make-up and sensed that I would gravitate towards their sort of brand. I was using one of their eyeliners at the time and it was being used on me at shoots too. I’m always looking for the perfect eyeliner because I used to use the pot with the brush, but because I travel so much it’s inconvenient for me to take that with me (most of my handbags are now lined with black smudges!). I had breakfast with Max (Leykind, co-owner of Eyeko) and he said, ‘You can do whatever you want! Won’t that be fun?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah! Of course!’ Working with Eyeko is similar to if I was Tom Hanks in Big.”

Which products would you recommend for removing your eye make-up?

“Sisley do a lovely foaming cleansing gel that turns into a mousse when you put it on and I also use a Shu Uemura oil. What I most frequently use though is Dove soap!”

Where did the idea for doing the poster and the kit come from?

“I came up with idea of doing the tube and having the poster because when I was younger I always used to enjoy gimmicks like that and I loved having posters on my wall. At home I’d put up pictures of women that inspired me and have a mood board. I wanted to create something that people could hang up somewhere in their office, on their fridge or anywhere like that and then the tube, the products and the tissue paper all followed from that. I’m very very happy with it.”

Who’s on your mood board?

“Debbie Harry, Iggy Pop, Keith Richards, Metallica, Matt Hitt and my friends.”

What future collections do you have in the pipeline with Eyeko?

“We’re already talking about the next thing that we’re going to work on. With this particular collection, it was about me cherry-picking my favourite products from the existing make-up range and then re-launching that and thinking of a way to make it my own, whereas moving forward I’ll have more of an input in product development. A range of shadow pens is a possibility.”

Nina Leykind, founder of Eyeko

What made Alexa the perfect fit for the brand?

“She’s such a style icon and has an appeal that crosses generations. She always does a cat eye and so we didn’t want to stray too far from her look - like most women, she has a classic signature style but with a modern touch. The range has Alexa’s stamp all over it. She’s such a perfectionist and it shows in the final products.”

What was it like brainstorming ideas for the range and coming up with the final products?

“It was very easy as we have very similar aesthetics. She cited Anna Karenina and Twiggy as inspirations for the collection and so we wanted to produce a liner that was really black and a mascara that would create stand-out doll-like lashes. Each of the products has her own quirky stamp on it from her writing on the packaging to the names and the illustrations on the Shield. She’s a workaholic just like us and whether it was lunchtime, nighttime or a weekend, she was always reaching out to us. She’s not just the face, she also came up with so many of the ideas too.”

The range is available at  www.eyeko.com  and  www.selfridges.com