The former Victoria's Secret supermodel has just launched her award-winning organic skincare in Space NK. We had the chance to sit down with the Australian beauty to talk all things beauty... and babies.

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If there's one thing to tick off your bucket list, brunching with a supermodel should be up there and this week we had the divine pleasure of doing just that with Miranda Kerr. The 35-year-old entrepreneur launched her award-winning organic skincare line Kora Organics in Space NK, the first UK retailer to stock it, just days after she announced her second pregnancy to husband and Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel. While we were there to hear all about her 'baby', we couldn't resist asking her about the latest addition to her family. Boy or Girl?

Sadly, she didn't give too much away except for the fact that her husband had made it clear what he's hoping for. "Evan jokes if it's not a girl then you're having to go again!" The couple already have a 10-month old son, Hart, while Miranda also has a nine-year-old son Flynn from her previous marriage to actor Orlando Bloom.

Her other baby, Kora Organics, is an award-winning certified organic brand that hails from her native Australia and is inspired by her family's own health and beauty remedies.

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Here are the things we learned over breakfast with the international cover star.

She is passionate about organic ingredients

The idea to set up an organic skincare brand was born out of eating organic food throughout her childhood in Australia. She later studied nutrition in both Australia and America where she learned what you put on your skin is what feeds it. "We should be concerned about that at all times," she told us. "There are things we can't control, like flying [in an airplane] but we can control what we feed our skin."

When she discovered that there was a lack of certified organic skincare  brands on the market, she launched her own which is now recognised by the world's leading international certification body COSMOS Standard. "There's a big difference between organic and certified organic. It really infuriates me when brands say they are organic when their last ingredient is organic."

Her skincare collection includes organic ingredients such as green tea (which Miranda drinks by the gallon), silver ear mushroom, kakadu plum, caviar lime, and coconut.

Her secret weapon is the noni fruit

One of the special ingredients that features throughout the range is "noni extract" derived from the native Australian noni fruit, which looks like a cross between a dragon fruit and a lychee. It is a powerful superfood and antioxidant, containing more than 100 vitamins and minerals and is known for its natural rejuvenating properties. Kerr says she has been drinking 'noni' since the age of 13, a powerful 30ml shot her grandmother swore by. "I would drink a shot before or after school to feel more energised. My grandmother would give it to me and I would use it on sunburn or a pimple." It also helped with her grandfather's arthritis. "This simple ingredient turned out to be a superfood. After I did my research, I found that it contained lots of vitamins and antioxidants."

She has a spiritual connection to rose quartz

Spending a lot of time with her grandparents in rural Australia, she would often climb the trees in their garden or run around the vegetable patch. Her grandfather, a house mover, would often dig up the ground and find crystals in the earth and bring them back to Kerr's grandmother. "I was fascinated by these geo crystals. I could feel their magic."

Rose quartz features in a lot of her skincare line, including the Noni Radiant Eye Oil, £34 , (the roller is made from rose quartz) and her Rose Quartz Luminizer, £25 , a metallic rose pink highlighter.  When she stumbled upon a crystal shop in Byron Bay aged 14 she discovered her connection to them. "I was really drawn to the rose quartz and I realise now that it's in line with and an extension of who I am now."

Diane Von Furstenberg is a fan of her products

Kerr's Noni Radiant Eye Oil, £34 , which contains certified organic noni, tomato fruit and marine bamboo extracts as well as kahai and coffee oils has proven a hit among her A-lister friends. Belgian fashion designer and Diane Von Furstenberg is a fan. Kerr recalled a moment when Furstenberg waxed lyrical about the oil that is said to reduce fine lines and wrinkles after four weeks. "Diane Von Furstenberg is obsessed with the Noni Oil. She once told me 'Miranda, I want to tell the world how great this oil is, it has transformed my skin!' and really it does help your skin glow."

She uses her own products as part of her skincare routine

It might be hard to believe that a world-renowned supermodel with perfect skin would need a skincare routine but Kerr said the Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask, £43 , a gentle exfoliant that contains certified organic turmeric, peppermint, and rosehip seeds, has helped with the pigmentation issues she's had and is one of her favourite products to use in the morning. "I personally love how uplifting the peppermint oil is, especially in the morning. It's better than a coffee."

She also uses the brand's Foaming Cleanser, £27 , in the morning and Cream Cleanser, £27 , at night, as well as the Kora Organic Mists throughout the day which come in a varying range of scents. "I used to be obsessed with the citrus mist, £30 , because it was really energising and uplifting, but lately I've been addicted to the rose mist, £30 . Maybe it's the colour, or maybe I'm secretly hoping for a girl."

Check out Kora Organics at Space NK  here .