Introducing The Cult Collection…

Anna Hunter 6 October 2015
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Introducing The Cult Collection…

We’ve all encountered those products that we use once and just KNOW. That’s the one. This is the beauty solution that hits the nail on the head. This ‘love on first use’ effect can occur whether the product in question is a fresh to the market innovation or an old classic, but when it does happen, you’re hooked, and said product becomes a part of your ‘cult collection’, so to speak. That’s exactly what happened to us with the following seven beauty game changers; from a boundary breaking gradual tanner to a beautifully sheer, glow-giving facial oil, we’ve cherry picked a superior selection of top-to-toe products that we think deserve a spot in your bathrooms this autumn (and beyond). Even better, while the collection is worth £62.60, we’ve teamed up with the experts at Latest in Beauty  to box and deliver the following beauty gems for just £15.95 plus P&P. Click through to discover what’s in store…

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Eyeko Fat Liquid Eyeliner

A sleek, chic trace of black along the upper eyelids is a look that never dates, but if you’ve twiddled about with liquid eyeliner in the past and found it time-consuming or messy, we have a ‘can’t fail’ alternative to present in the form of this easy to handle eyeliner pen. First things first, it makes achieving a straight line, wing or flick a complete doddle, but its merits go beyond that; it’s a silky, inky black, it won’t budge or smudge while you’re wearing it and it’s infused with algae extract to condition both your skin and the base of your lashes. Don’t think that every line need be ‘fat either’; the nib is flexible and glides on at whatever angle and thickness you desire. A cult product for a cult look (Cleopatra would probably ditch her kohl in agreement.

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Ciaté Paint Pot in Mistress

From one perennial beauty tour de force to another, a glossy red nail is eternally stylish on every woman, at any age. This pillar box shade is as vibrant and pigmented as classic reds come, and the chip resistant formula will help you to hold onto your mani for longer. It’s also pretty foolproof to apply; the petite, flat brush helps you to achieve a clean finish and the polish dries quickly for ultimate smudge avoidance. The pot doesn’t half look ladylike on your dresser too; every hero varnish deserves a satin bow. Top marks.

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Prismologie Pink O’Clock Hand and Cuticle Cream and Indigo Interlude Foot Cream

Extremities suffer as the weather gets colder, and if you’re showcasing a red manicure or pedicure as described previously, it’ll be all the more striking against well nourished, smooth hands and feet. The hand and cuticle cream restores busy hands to soft, supple glory, and the addition of an alpine plant complex to brighten skin tone, not to mention omega and vitamin rich baobab oil to enhance cell turnover, makes this particular botanical blend especially distinguished. As for tired toes, a mini massage with this mood-enhancing, endorphin stimulating lotion will make you feel like a new, light-footed woman, while the buttery formula takes care of dryness and cracked heels. As beauty duos go, these two are pretty unbeatable.

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Dr Lipp Miracle Balm

From one balm to another, this multitasking, moisturising potion is a makeup artist staple for a reason. Firstly, it’s soothing on just about anyone, from babies to boyfriends, thanks to its gentle, 100% fragrance free formula. Secondly, this balm has a LOT of strings to its bow. It hydrates everything from lips to cuticles, is sweet relief for dry, itchy, irritated skin, slicks brows into line, adds a sheen to cheekbones and lids, turns a lipstick into a gloss and is extremely handy when mixing makeup pigments or transforming powder products into creams. Cult, miracle...whichever way you look at it, it’s indispensable.

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St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion

Bathing in sunshine will take on a new meaning after a few sessions with this revolutionary self tanner; you simply apply it to wet skin, wait for it to do its thing for three minutes (ideal timing to let your conditioner really sink in too) and rinse. Once dried off (pat lightly), a subtle tan will develop, which you can continue to top up every time you shower should you desire. Low key, non-streaky and with none of the faff usually associated with fake tan, it’s one of the most exciting beauty breakthroughs for quite some time, and the fact that it was the fastest selling product of the summer confirms its soon to be cult status. Get it in the box before it’s gone!

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NUDE Skincare Progenius Rescue Oil

On the subject of getting a glow, adding a few drops of facial oil to your skincare routine each day can make all the difference in terms of radiance and looking well rested. One of the many joys of massaging in with a high quality oil is the instant payoff in terms of luminosity and healthy looking skin, even if you’re sleep deprived, under the weather or going through a rough patch (literally or figuratively). Rescue Oil will indeed help you save face in this way, but its benefits go far deeper. It boasts a unique bakuchiol extract, which acts as a natural retinol to repair, smooth and brighten the skin, while its rich antioxidant profile help to combat the ravages of time and the environment. Exfoliating rose hip and clarifying rosemary help to purify and refine the skin’s texture, and if you’re concerned about grease or shine, don’t be, as this is the most sheer, lightweight facial oil we’ve ever dabbled in. There’s never been a better opportunity to give an oil a go if you’re hesitant.

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Bee Good Youth Enhancing Lift and Brighten Eye Cream

Darker days needn’t bring about dark circles; a dab of this calming, antioxidant laden British honey and propolis based eye cream before bed or under makeup will give tired eyes a lift and improve both the condition and the appearance of the eye area. Anti-inflammatory and soothing British wildflower honey helps to bring down puffiness and calm sensitivity, while natural sources of vitamin E help to protect against the premature development of wrinkles and fine lines. Even if you’ve got some crinkly crow’s feet and lines going on already (they’re lines of life; never stop laughing), this reviving cream will inject the area with moisture and add a little plumpness. Honey is not just a pleasure on toast, believe us.

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